Baby Boomer Women: The Journey!

by Julie Grenness, in Australia.

Well, we have turned sixty years of age. Another milestone, what does
lie ahead on this journey we call aging?

Is this the time to alter the way we dress? Is it really the end of high heel shoes? To embrace grey hair and wrinkles, growing old gracefully?

Reality check: Baby boomers women turning sixty do need on empower themselves. We have to manage our own health, and perhaps the health of a
retired male, or our geriatric parents.

Self-care becomes vital. Knowledge is necessary, find out how the household operates, if you do not already know. Be aware of financial costs, insurances, budgets, the looming of retirement. How are we going to manage with a reduced income, once we are no longer working, if we are? We can explore ways of reinventing our careers.

Another reality check. We may survive another 25 years. This is a journey, we should enjoy the ride, factoring in health and opportunities.

If a baby boomer woman is still with a ‘significant other’, this person may pass away of split up at any time. Then there may be the need to confront
isolation. Do you wish date, or socialise with new and old friends? If you do date, do you want wining and dining, or bed and breakfast? It is our right to

Women over sixty need to build a supportive circle, to enhance their trip. This may be a stage to developing new interests, becoming a volunteer or mentor, or maybe reinventing new horizons. Challenges can be overcome.

As over-sixty women, we may be concerned about our body shape. It is never too late to adopt a paced exercise regimen. Find out what you can do, not what you cannot.

We can still have ambitions, and achieve them, while being practical. Always acquire information about where you stand financially, socially, and health wise.

Baby boomers women can still have dreams, old and new, so dream big! Our journey into over-sixty, enjoy the ride!

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