Baby Boomers Rule? Who Sez?

by John A. / Tyler, TX

Boomers Rule? Who Sez?

Boomers Rule? Who Sez?

Typically, I like to post light and cheerful stories and jokes, but this article pulled at me since I have some very definite opinions on Baby Boomers. After all, I am a member of that generation.

As I said, Larry's posting stirred up some thoughts that I have had for quite some time and now I am putting them down on paper, though they may be a little disjointed in flow. Those thoughts are just opinions I have formed over the years. I will try to be brief. And I am sure I'll stir up a hornets nest. But, I'm a big boy and can take it.

So, who are the Baby Boomers?
That's a complicated question to answer in some aspects. In general, Baby Boomers are those who were born after WW II up into the mid 1960s/ We are the generation that has been handed many wonderful things,including our wealth, by our parents, The Greatest Generation. We are also the generation that has squandered so much and taking many things for granted. We have a different set of values than our parents.

First of all, beginning in the late 1960s, we are the generation that ushered in drug use in a really big way. It started out with marijuana, glue sniffing and then eventually morphed in to more powerful drugs like LSD, cocaine, crack, opiates, heroin and synthetic drugs. People were wanting a bigger high than what weed provided and an entire cocktail of different drugs evolved over they years in addition to the associated violence due to the drug trade.

Now, we as a nation, are fighting an epidemic of drug abuse with opiates and heroin and with no end is in sight. This epidemic creates tons of social problems for our nation while not to mention the loss of many young American lives due to overdosing and violence.

Secondly, the Baby Boomers are the first of the disposable generations. Unlike our parents who operated under the notion of waste not, want not, we've gone the opposite direction. If we see something no longer useful, we throw it away. This began with paper cups, plates, diapers to lives. Just look around and you'll see all the things in stores that are truly disposable. This has transcended into the way we conduct our very lives; where marriages are disposable if they don't seem to work. It it easier to get a divorce today than to try to work things out. As people we've cheapened ourselves by not having the resolve to make things work.

Also, people's lives are disposable and are viewed as cheap. Just look at the abortion numbers that take place in this nation on a yearly basis. Free and irresponsible sex has led to a epidemic of abortions taking place in our nation, while not to mention all the STDs being passed around. Beginning with the Baby Boomers, abortions became much more acceptable with society. Yet at the same time, life became cheap and disposable. Since Roe vs Wade in the early 1970s, 57 million babies have been aborted. This cheapens the value of life and it is genocide any which way your look at it. This is particularly true in the black community where government funded abortions take place on a daily basis. Either way we look at it, America has its own Holocaust to deal with if it ever decides to acknowledges that fact.

Demographers have pointed out that the black community in our nation should be around 30%-40% of the population. Yet today it hovers around 15%-17% because of so many black children being aborted. Life is definitely viewed as cheap and we need look no further than the black community. We also see so many children in this community being born without fathers in the household or aborted. And then we wonder why so many of these young Americans grow up to be bad seeds in our society; why so many end up shooting each other on the streets. It's absolutely appalling.

Thirdly, the children of the Baby Boomers are the Millennial generation: the lost generation who feels it is entitled to everything without working for it. As a whole, the Baby Boomers have raised a bunch of ingrates who are awarded trophies for just showing up to an event and not participating. We have provided these kids so many luxuries in life that they have come to expect things to be handed to them. And when they don't get their way, they pitch a fit because they feel they are being treated unfairly.

The last presidential election is a prime example of this attitude. These young people for the most part did not vote, yet they expected their candidate would win. Surprise! And then just a few years ago, they protested on Wall Street against corporate America because they felt income should be more equitably distributed and corporations should not be so wealthy or earn a profit. They felt the wealthy people of this nation should pay more taxes, yet fail to realize the wealthy are already paying 80%-90% of the tab anyway. It's these same ingrates who will wonder what happens when they run out of other people's money? Who is going to pay the bills then?

On top of this, Millenials do not seem to have necessary people skills to deal with others face to face. Instead, they text one another while sitting across the table or down the hall way at the work place. This is a huge problem in business today and business leaders are very concerned about the Millennial generation not possessing people skills. And they do not seem to understand the power of the written word has on others. As proof, just look at all the bullying taking place on social media and kids committing suicide over it. This is a bi-product of the Baby Boomer generation.

So if Baby Boomers Rule, as Larry said, I want no part of it. I'd rather raise a generation of young people willing to work for what they want and instill the value of the dollar in their minds. I'd teach these young people that life is fragile and to treat others with respect and to take responsibility for their actions by not bringing unwanted children into this world or scraping them out of the mother's womb as a viable solution.

From a generational standpoint, Baby Boomers have failed miserably. They have not made the world a better place nor have they learned from the lessons taught to us by The Greatest Generation. From the Baby Boomers generation and on, these are the Me generations who have taken on the notion that those with the most toys at the end of the game wins. And boy, are things screwed up. Does it feel great to be a part something so big? Absolutely Not!

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Agree/Don't Agree
by: Nancy from Texas

Well, I am a Baby Boomer but I didn't get things handed to me. . . but I did learn a lot from the "Greatest Generation". They were amazing people that survived the Depression and much more.

I have deep appreciation for them, BUT the BOOMER GENERATION has been more open with feelings than our parents. I, for one, can show feelings and say I love you to your face. I think that gives us Boomers a plus.

Our parents just expected us to KNOW they loved us and it wasn't necessary for all the sharing of feelings. I was definately loved but I wish my mother could have related to me like I do my kids.

On The Mark!
by: Alpha


Born in i941, I guess I am not a baby boomer! Thank God for it. But after arriving in this great land when I was fifty, I have watched the transformation of our society unfold in front of my eyes. And I must agree every bit with what you have said; and I congratulate you for your courage to speak up your mind!!

Unfortunately, whatever erosion of values you have noticed is true for most developed and developing countries. Thankfully, if I may find some solace, America is not the exception.

You and I are just helpless watchers. We cannot expect our voices to be heard or respected.

So, all I say these days is, PEACE.....! We are at a point of no return. Let us spend the rest of our lives in peace, and pass away with the same grace that blessed us through our lives, while praying for a messiah to be born!!

Good job, John!

by: Wendy...FLA

You are perpetuating some disturbing myths.

I grew uo in the Boom ..but nothing was handed to me. I am now in fact taking care of my parents.

My millenials are very hard working young men straddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. They will contribute to society in immeasurable ways ( one has already). Yes, they know and have friends that belong to the "entitled" group but I remember the same kids when our family of 6 tried tit into a 5 passenger car to travel. I did not expect anything from my parents and my kids expect nothing from us.

They know that we are leaving them a mess....socially, environmentally, and economically . They are being raped trying to pay back their government student loans. They wil probably never own a home or purchase a new car as their debt will stay with them for decades.

When we wake up and realize that this will impact the economy negatively, perhaps things will change. For now, dont judge a book by its cover.

"Take a Chill Pill, John A!"- -original response to his article
by: Anonymous

As a (very guilty) Baby Boomer myself, I do agree with what you said about our generation squandering the bounties of the Mother Earth. Sigh! Sadly our future generations will have to live with the dire consequences.

Yet, on the other hand, I have great hope that, through their mastering of AI (Artificial Intelligence), their new ways of thinking and their utilizing the latest technologies, youth (millennial and their offspring) will eventually solve the problems and save our planet! Meanwhile, instead of denigrating them (calling them ingrates?? Come on!!), we, their elders, should encourage and appreciate their outside-of-the-box thinking. We should nurture and support their inventiveness. Be a mentor and pass on the baton, guys!

As for the 'very personal' opinions on political minefields such as Roe vs Wade, Pro-Life vs Pro-choice, Trump vs Hillary, Wall Street vs Workers and so on, this is not a place for that. Perhaps Wendy could open a political forum for folks who want to vent on the current affairs. Retirement is already a 'Yuge' topic by itself! It's often a difficult transition to make and this 'Retirement Online' has been a Godsend for a lot of us! Leave the controversies of politics out of here, please!

On a final note: There is really no need to diss on millennial as they are our kids. Remember what a headache we were for our parents when some of us spent our youth in a constant drug haze? We survived and now we are retired and lots of us have our own house, savings and reasonable good health! So, be grateful and be nice.

Thanks for your thoughts
by: John A . / Tyler, TX

I appreciate all the comments folks have submitted; whether neutral, for, against or even annoymously.

Further to 'Take a Chill Pill, John A.!'
by: Anonymous

Hi Wendy,

I understand that John A. is quite prolific. He and he has posted many jokes and that he greatly admires the Great Depression era folks for their tenacity, resourcefulness and their bravery during WW2. That's fine and dandy.

But during his latest (rebuttal) article that he submitted to your wonderful 'Retirement Online' Forum that over the years, has really proven to be so helpful and practical for so many of us, John A. has really stepped out of line! Besides criticizing Abortion Rights, people who are against the greed on Wall Streets and the weird, twisted comments he makes on Black families, I find it especially offensive how viciously he picks on our young people who have to deal with the mess that we, the Boomers, have left for the future generations! His article does not belong here as it is just him ranting away, imposing his odious opinions on the rest of us and totally aliening us to our younger folks!

Another thing, to compare abortions (that lots of us believe to be a fundamental Women's Right issue, same as Planned Parenthood) to Hitler's Holocaust is sacrilegious, to say the least!

Even if you don't think that my response to his piece of cr_p is appropriate (though I've already toned it down a lot and tried hard not to tell him to shut the H_ll up!), please delete his article or modify it so it is at least not so offensive (and stupid!). I bet lots of constant readers here are aghast of what he has written!

**For the future, please set up some sort of guidelines as to what is appropriate to say in our letters to the forum. If there are already rules and regulations, please repeat them to the writers/ readers here.

Awaiting you response and thank you for your time!

Points well taken John
by: Larry/ South Carolina

You did have a few things to get off your mind. I respect your opinions.


Baby Boomers
by: elna Nugent, MA

John, As a baby boomer, you are better able to see what isn't working and hasn't worked. Your perspective is clear. And other baby boomers can learn from you.

As a child of the great depression, my father only worked three days a week in the city, it wasn't a given that girls had to go to college then and who could afford college anyway.

Yet my father and mother managed to scrimp, save , can vegetables from the garden ,sell tthe apple from our trees and "wait" --wait until they had the money to send me to a good school in Boston. I am still in awe at their dedication.

The only problem that keeps us from perspective is our "expectation level." Today many children do seem entitled and expect too much. You speak a lot of truth and maybe that is your purpose as a baby boomer….tell it like it is and be willing to work for what you get.


baby boomer
by: Diane Canada

I am a baby boomer and you have an interesting point. I cannot disagree although with my family living in poverty as a kid I was not raised with money. Therefore learnt my parents values. I am sure there are more of us around.

Too busy to join in with the free love and love of drug movement. Hopefully my children have learned from me. none of them think the world owes them anything and they are hardworkers. So you are right but general.

I certainly beliewve that we are the throw away generation. I can't find an excuse for that..

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