Back seat driver

by Nancy
(Oklahoma )

I am a sixty years old woman whose husband can't shut his piehole when I am driving.

I have an impeccable driving record, and excellent vision. The minute I start backing out of the garage, he starts telling me to watch out for this and that. It continues until we get home.

Today, he did it again and it was the last straw. I have talked to him over and over again about this issue to no avail.

He needs a muzzle.

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Backstreet drivers
by: Paul

Not sure if he has a license or not, but when mine starts that, I stop the car and ask if he would like to drive.

Sherry/NC is right!
by: In the Same boat

I have been the anxious one commenting and directing about the driving, getting more irritated by the minute.

The reason I know it is anxiety is that now that I have gotten myself some gentle anti-anxiety medication, not a benzodiazipine, I can spend hours riding quietly with the same driver I was "tortured by" without the meds.

I feel better and so does my partner.

What about this?
by: Joe W.

Maybe tell your husband that you (the driver) could get charged for distracted driving.

To avoid getting charged, tell your husband to keep quiet so that you can drive to your destination in a safe and accident free manner.

Be Safe! Drive Safe!

Watch out she is driving
by: Sherry/ NC

It is called anxiety.

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