Bad Work Dreams

by Ann R

I just wanted to say that I relate to having stressful work dreams. I have had them for the past 5 years at least and am in mid 50s. They are repetitive and usually are related to some project at work. In these dreams, I am usually behind on the project and am intensely focused on getting it done.

Or, I might be on a business trip, and one bad thing after another happens.

The dreams are like my fears in real life coming true. I don’t enjoy them. Even if I wake up, when I go back to sleep, they return.

In real life, I am trying to be less hard on myself about what I accomplish and what I don’t.

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Bad Work Dreams
by: Wee-zer

Donna, Your dreams are a lot like mine! I am always under pressure to get something done and need to find things to do the job.

I run into people along the way that somewhat hinder my starting the job or finding whatever it is I am looking for. It is an endless amount of wandering around in my dreams.

I never seem to get my act together and never accomplish anything in my dreams. I am very aware that the job needs to be done and am frazzled that I just can't get started.

It is very frustrating and I almost feel tired when I wake up! I am so busy in my dreams I should get paid for the overtime I put in! LOL!

bad work dreams
by: Donna

I was an RN for 43 years and been retired now for 2 years. I have bad work dreams a couple of times a month.

They are all basically the same. I am walking around the hospital and can't find the floor I work on or I'm on the right floor but realize I have not done anything for or even seen my patients all day. They will complain that they haven't seen a nurse all day.

When its time to leave it take forever to find my way out of the hospital and then I can't find my car in the parking lot.

I am always so relieved to wake up and realize that it was just a dream.

Bad work dreams
by: Nancy

Can relate. I've been retired almost 10 years. I had a lot of different jobs over the years and several different careers, but mostly counseling and teaching.

I've had a lot of dreams of being in front of a classroom, and having no lesson prepared and just winging it. That is a recurring dream and is not pleasant.

Sometimes my jobs are mixed up, 2 or more jobs I've had in the same dream.

I also dream I am taking college classes and they are not going well.

by: Wee-zer

I still have work dreams from a job I was laid off from in 2003. It was the best job I had in my life but was also the most stressful too.

I worked at the company for 18 years and everyone was like my dysfunctional family. I knew who I could count on and who I couldn't.

I travelled a lot for the job too. So many nights I dream about work and seems I wander and am always searching for something never finding whatever it is I am looking for.

It is beyond annoying but I can't seem to find the off button on the dreams. I wish I could say the dreams will fade but mine have not and wish they would!

by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

Dreams are nothing more than sleeping thoughts. Just like during the day, thoughts come and go.

If we let them go, they hold no power over us. If we hold onto them, they can dominate our lives.

Try writing down your thoughts about work and your day before you go to bed. Let everything out onto paper without judgement.

Ease your mind, let it settle.
You are in no danger, nothing is wrong.

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