Be careful when you ask the way

by Hiroshi Fukushima
(Koshi, Kumamoto, Japan )

This morning I read an interesting story in the newspaper. It appeared in the column of the readers’ voices. It was contributed by a woman at the age of 70s’.

She took a walk in the early morning. When she went back home, she asked a passer-by her way back home to make sure. He took out his smartphone, and called someone.

Then a patrol car came and a police officer asked her name, address, age and so on. He told her to get in the car and took her home. She asked him to stop before her home. He said he had to hand in her to her husband.

When I read this story, I thought I have to be careful when I ask my way.

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by: Anonymous

Yes the original post was very unclear to me and made it impossible to have an opinion

Missing details
by: Hiroshi

Thank you very much for your comment, Michael.

I’m afraid that my English was not clear enough to explain the situation. Let me answer one by one.

1. She just wanted to make sure of her way back home.

2. She is quite normal, not in dementia.

3. It’s true.

4. Her husband must have been surprised and wondered what happened to his wife.

Thank you,

Asking the way
by: Hiroshi

Thank you very much for your comment. What you say is true. People are all different although we Japanese have been westernized much.

Asking the way - In Japan
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

We can't all be normal, can we?

In the East, they look at western civilizations and shake their heads in amazement.

In the West, we look at eastern civilizations and shake our heads in amazement.

If you think that you are "normal", well maybe you're not. It all depends on your perspective.

Missing details made me consider the scenarios
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!

The writer left out some important details that made me consider four different scenarios.

One, the lady was truly lost and just wanted to know the way home.

Two, she has some form of dementia and couldn't figure out the way home.

Three, the passerby thought she must have dementia based on her age, and thought she must be in danger, necessitating a call to the police to escort her home.

Four, if her husband sees her being dropped off by the police, he might think she has dementia and will either get her the help she needs or use it as an excuse to put her into a home.

Any other angles I should consider?

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