Be Grateful for Little Problems

by Carrie R
(Retirement Community)

I recently experienced some health problems while travelling. I thought it was my gall bladder because the pain was so intense on one side. My doctor thought that too and ordered a gall bladder problems!

I showed him an itchy rash on my side. It was Shingles! All that pain was related to the Shingles. Luckily I had a mild case of it. But, the sonogram I had to have showed a "spot" on my kidney, so the doctor ordered a CT scan of my abdomen. It turned out to be benign, but of course other little problems were found. My doctor assured me that they were normal problems for someone my age, and we would just have to monitor them. I felt grateful that they didn't find anything major.

Fast forward a month, and my 86 year old mom wakes up in excrutiating pain, calls the EMT's and ends up in the emergency room. She can't walk, her left foot is dragging, and I'm imagining a stroke. They do an MRI, and it's only a really badly inflammed lower back. She has bulging discs but no herniation. She left the emergency room that night walking with a walker, and she was fine after about a week of steroids!

I think the message here for me was - it can always be worse.

Be thankful for the little itch, the occasional twinge, the sore muscles. They are a sign of age, but not anything serious.

Be grateful for little problems....they show you're alive!

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Diagnosed at last ....
by: Retd. Prof. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, C3, Janakpurik, New Delhi, India

A middle aged lady was always complaining of pain in the body .... in her head, neck, back, hands, torso, legs .... everywhere. Her children did not take her seriously. She began complaining to all and sundry. Finally, one of her ex colleagues offered to take her to an eminent doctor for consultation.

When her turn came to be examined by the famed doctor, she put forward a long list of complaints of pain here, there and everywhere. The doctor gave her a patient listening with attention and a ready smile.

Finally, he took the lady's hand softly in his hand and said "You have a hairline fracture on the index and middle fingers of your right hand. You will soon be cured of all the pain that you experience when you touch any part of your body."

So true
by: Sandy

Your post reminds us that things can always be worse and that we have to have the right frame of mind to be resilient and to remember nothing is perfect.

My grandfather, who spoke broken Italian, used to have an Italian saying (I can't speak Italian), but it basically translated to "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet".

Kinda says it all.....

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