Beat the Retirement Blues
by Serving Others: 
Random Acts of Kindness

Blues and your health

Today, Beating the Retirement Blues is simply considering your health.

After we retire, we have more time (if we take the time) to take care of our health.  If you don't have your health -- you seriously  have nothing? 

Right? Your health improves your mood too!

Do you walk?  When you're feeling down, taking a walk might be just what  you need. Sometimes we retire, and lay there all day long… and I get it, you are exhausted and need rest. BUT —  maybe your body is craving some activity!

If you can just get yourself moving (even if you don't really feel like it — I'm pretty sure you won't like this suggestion), your body can release endorphins. These are the "feel good" hormones, and they will help lift your mood. 

You might even decide you enjoy walking. You have the time now that you don't work, and it actually feels good.

Have you heard of Forest Bathing? Try it! This could be the simple secret to releasing your retirement blues!

Are you eating right?  Were you used to eating out at lunch daily and now can't make the effort?  Eating too much fast food which really doesn't do well as we are aging? What you eat — matters.

Make it a point to eat healthy. You know what to eat — take the time, make the effort — or go out to eat at lunch. Getting the proper vitamins and minerals can make the difference between a good mood and a blue mood. 

We’ve talked a great deal about the ways that small acts of kindness can have powerful results.  The same is true for exercise and eating. Such simple acts — seems it can't be possible that they help — but they do!

Today, I attended a webinar where a very popular and income-producing online biz person talked about her anxiety. What does she do before she goes online to record a video, podcast or something anxiety producing — she goes outdoors and walks for 15 minutes. That's ALL it takes to calm her down and she can do the job she really wants to do. THIS could help you too!

Make A Big Impact on the World Around You

We’ve talked a great deal about the ways that small acts of kindness can have powerful results. They can truly change someone’s outlook and brighten their day.

Today, I’d like to discuss ways to give back and share with others that involve more effort.


If you have the time, money or other resources to give, there are a lot of ways to make a big impact on the world around you.

These types of activities may not be for everyone, but they’re certainly worthwhile if you are able to take part in them.

Let’s explore some of the large-scale random acts of kindness you can take on if you want to provide in a grand way.

Start or Participate in a Fundraiser

Fundraising is important and can benefit a number of causes, from individuals in need to assisting the victims of natural disasters.

Taking part in an established movement can entail a great deal of work and commitment. The results are usually tremendous, though.

If you want to help someone in a big way, setting up or helping with a fundraiser is a great way to do it. You could rally everyone at your school, office or community to get involved. It’s also possible for your movement to reach a national scale, depending upon your resources and public interest.

Create a Foundation or Nonprofit

Another way to see results on a big scale is to set up a charitable foundation or nonprofit organization. You can benefit a particular cause through your efforts, and the number of people it’s possible to help is impactful.

In order to do either of these activities, you will likely need a large amount of money and the help of experts like lawyers and financial advisers. However, it is possible to obtain grants or other funding backers to help you. There may be fewer limits than you think. 

 Participate in Philanthropy

Volunteering is something you can do in your free time on occasion. We've got free time in abundance during our retired years, and many people do this. It can also be undertaken at a larger level.

You could take on the effort of establishing a crew of volunteers, perhaps from your family or just among friends, to help out a particular cause. Sometimes the benefactors of such volunteerism are individuals or families who are experiencing a difficult time. Other times, an existing organization can reap the rewards of your efforts.

Volunteering on a large-scale may seem intimidating, but it’s not so bad when many people pitch in. You just might be the motivational leader to make it happen. 

If you’ve ever felt compelled to make a difference in a big way, consider one of these options. Some extra effort, dedication and resources can result in a random act of kindness that goes beyond anything you ever imagined.

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