Forest Bathing in Retirement

by Wendy,

Wendy and the Bird (sitting on my fingertips!)

Wendy and the Bird (sitting on my fingertips!)

Have you ever heard the term "forest bathing"? Neither did I, until quite recently.

My friend, Ute, lives in Cleveland Ohio and loves the area where she lives. She is a senior, moved there maybe two years ago, knew only one gal there... but is thriving there beautifully. She has made friends in the Senior Apartments where she lives, but also joined a Swim Club for exercise, a Silver BIke Club (she loves her bike riding in the summer months), and mostly, she loves her solo-forest walking.

There is a large park near her home. She goes there almost daily, and simply walks... taking photos now and then and basking in the glory of nature itself. This is where she is renewed and re-energized... she loves every moment there.

In April, I drove to Cleveland, spent the night at her apartment -- and then we drove to Atlanta for a conference. We had a BALL on that trip!

Since I was there, she wanted me to see her park... of course!

I had seen photos of her with the birds, but now she wanted to see if I could also do it... and I did. THANK GOODNESS she was nearby with her phone to capture the moment!

Oh how I love this photo.... who knew you could have nature surrounding you, AND a beautiful tiny bird on your fingertips!?


Psst! Ute had several medical issues in the past few years... and I truly believe her Forest Bathing greatly enhanced her recuperation times. I really do. The peace and serenity there is amazing.

Here is her book, published this year... so darn proud of her! She did lots of research to totally understand what was happening to her, and she overcame it!

If you have heart issues, this is a must read -- she can help you and I bet your doctor will be amazed on your next visit. Her doctor was...

Congratulations to my friend, Ute!

Click the book to read more on Amazon!

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Forest bathing
by: carol k

I have never heard that term before and it is something I have enjoyed immensely whenever I could. The peaceful feeling being surrounded by trees, maybe a river or stream, birds, cannot be duplicated anywhere. I would feel closer to God there than in any church.

Sadly, my days of forest bathing are over due to severe back problems the prevent me from walking far. I sure miss those days.

Forest Cams
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Due to the conveniences of Technology, you CAN view forests and feel somewhere there!

I watched the first cam, listening to the roar of the water for a long time.

Then I scrolled down the page and watched a few others, one with a huge bear.

It was great!

Just cut and paste the URL below into your browser window and peek in on whats happening in the forest today!

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