by Peter W Hiebert / Manitoba

In observing old folks in personal care homes, and those who haven't 'arrived' yet, I occasionally notice sunken, listless looking eyes that almost appear to be dead.

But many a time I suspect this could be a person who is acutely aware of their surroundings, and how they are being treated...or not! Their world may be much bigger than we can imagine!

Behind those eyes may be wisdom, love, understanding, and comprehension the likes of which escapes unthinking people.

Let's be ready to show affection and respect, and treat with dignity those who have lost their 'outer youth'.

Wendy: Written in response to:
Cranky Old Man - A Poem By Dave Griffith


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Read it every day
by: Thank you

This is a fabulous thought-provoking poem. We should apply it to every cranky person we see. Young or old. There is a person behind those sad or empty-looking eyes.

Behind those eyes has a true perspective!
by: June in Wisconsin

We have lost our outer youth, but retain a love for life. We have so much to share given the chance. Open up to these folks and you will find wisdom beyond measure. They have great stories to tell and messages about living life we all need to hear.

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