Being busy beat retirement depression

I retired at the end of July 2018 and until October was extremely busy with a lot of outdoor work on a house we recently purchased.

Then it hit me - the feeling of not having anything I wanted to do. I was also depressed that despite a real shortage of people on my previous team, that no one had asked me to help out on a short term or part-time basis. And being together all the time was difficult for my husband and I.

I was helped in some sense by a friend who advised that this may be perfectly normal in the early days of retirement, and then finding statistics and this website that suggest that thee feelings are not uncommon.

Then in late November a number of things happened that created a couple of very busy weeks and I found myself feeling less depressed. Now I know that I need to find more things that occur on a regular basis to occupy my time.

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Being busy beat retirement, nobody wants me back
by: Anonymous

Here's another for the books. Two supervisers said they wanted to take me out alone for retirement. We agreed on time and date and place. Neither showed.

Round two: same thing!!!!

They asked me to give it another go. I gracefully (truth) declined.

This was after 15 years. Good god almighty!!!!

being busy
by: Cindi H, NC

I had to laugh at your comment that no one asked you to help out at work. My husband and I were talking about that just yesterday.

I've been retired a little over a year - him - two years. I left a busy firm as a legal assistant and although I told HR I was not interested in subbing, etc. I really thought someone would attempt to get me to come back to cover vacations/emergencies since I was always made to feel that I was one of the better employees. They took me at my word.

I did, however, find that my #1 boss, who I'd work for for almost 18 years (she always swore she'd have to leave when I did because she couldn't do it without me) did take the opportunity to move to another firm - so technically she really meant it!

My hubby, who had managed rental properties near the university for 12 years expected a call from the new manager with questions or his ex-boss but never got a call. Well, actually he did speak to his ex-boss a few months ago and was told that he was letting go his employees this month and going with a management company - the new manager did NOT keep up with things the way my husband did. The ex-boss wanted to know if my hubby could cover for a few weeks if that manager quit when she was told.

Anyway, we are all replaceable as far as work goes. Or they don't want to take us away from our wonderful retirements. But that's not a bad thing.

Being busy beat retirement depression
by: Sherry/ NC

Helping others is a good thing to do. It works both ways; you are feeling good helping them to meet their needs and they are feeling good by having someone help them!
Yes, staying busy helps pass the time and you will feel fulfilled!!

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