Best thing ever!!

by Shelly, Winnipeg

I retired at 50 from a horrible Government job.

Some people think it was foolish to walk away from a high paying job. Not me, how can you spend all of that money when you're dead, living in a care home or disabled from the unrelenting stress? I'd rather enjoy my good health and free time.

It took almost two years to sort out the sleep, get healthy and detox. There were many quiet days of rest and reflection. Also experimenting with hobbies, activities and making new friends.

Then the next chapter - LIVING! Its like a 7 day weekend. Woooo hooo! I feel like a carefree child on summer vacation again.

Those who say retirement is depressing or boring are doing it wrong. Get some help and support.

Enjoy these golden years. Relax, slow down, get healthier, get social and make the most of it.

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Thank You!!!
by: Judy, Ontario Canada

I was so thrilled to read your comment about retirement. As most of the comments on this site are so dreary and negative I quite literally have delayed my own full retirement (I currently work part time) despite the fact that my hubby has been retired 2 years and loving it.

I know deep down inside me that as a 67 year old I am in the "youth" of old age and that this is the time to take advantage of retirement freedom and current health to enjoy my last phase of life.

Comments like yours, though few and far between are helping me to take the plunge and fully retire in the spring of 2020.....please guys, for those of you that are happy in your retirement, post your fence hangers need to read the positives!

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