Betty White's new show:
Off Their Rockers

by Wendy

Did anyone watch Betty White's new show -- Off Their Rockers?

I just saw the tail end of her 90th Birthday Party show, then this new show followed... it is SOOOO funny!

It's a spoof type show, with seniors being seniors, and getting weird looks from the younger generations... it's just hilarious.

In one scene, a senior woman tells a man, a stranger, waiting for their flight to board -- that she secretly wants to become a member of the Mile High Club. He looked shocked and scared! grin!

Another scene showed a senior with a scooter who dropped his remote and asked a young gal to pick it up for him. When she did, he pretended that she hit a button and the scooter went out of control and he drove into a food stand. She was horrified.. ha ha!

I want to be OFF MY ROCKER too... I don't want to grow old and boring! Why not have a little fun with people!?

Another senior is doing trash and using his long picker uppers takes pop off the tables when gals are still eating. A woman on a scooter has a horn on her scooter, scaring the heck out of everyone as she beeps it!

Here is the link to find out more about Betty White's Off Their Rockers show!!


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Off Their Rockers

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by: Barbara

Betty White is a funny gal! Ninety (90) years old and still working - WOW! Her new show is a HOOT!

Betty White
by: Pattie

Sounds like a good show but i don't have cable. A few yrs ago i was telling some ppl that i would like to see a show more geared twds ppl over age 60 and they could call it Seniors gone Wild.. lol.. or a make-over show for ppl over age 60..

WENDY: Looks like Betty took your idea.. grin! I didn't think it was on a cable station, it was NBC. Click on the link in the article to be sure.. but I think you CAN watch it!

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