Big life change

by Linda Fitzgerald
(Long Beach Ca.)

Living in Pa all my life, when my husband died I decided to move to Calif to be near my son and family grandson is 7 .

It was hard and I was depressed for 3 or more years because I left all my friends and one is over 50 yr. friendship but I know this was best for me.

At first my friend and I Skyped then she got off the internet and this again was hard on me as I was left to wonder around here in Calif and wonder what am I doing .

Its been a hard transition but now after 6 yrs I am glad I did it . I have always made friends easily when in Montclair it wasn't hard at all then I moved to Long Beach and found it quite different. It isn't as friendly as Montclair was . I still go back there occasionally.

Now I found that having Joy in the Lord has been there for me all a long, I just had to find it again.

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by: Barbara

Dear Linda,

I was born in Long Beach, CA and know it well.
In December I moved to "The Villages, FL.
It is life changing as you mentioned.

My goal is to find a place to belong.
So far this place has made me feel very welcome.
Lots of people from every state.
Maybe you would like to visit.
You just might like it.galore

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