Bitter-Sweet Decade

by Jack


I’m gonna be retired for ten years come end of the year. Unlike many of you here, I actually did not look forward to my retirement.

I retired at the age of 55 and it was occasioned by health issues. After several sessions with my doctor, I made a decision to settle for early retirement if only to enjoy my last few years, or so I thought. I won't deny that I’ve had a fairly good retirement for the past nine years. Having worked at a city agency for most of my adult life, retiring at 55 was not going to be a tough choice given the 40 percent pension my competitive salary would attract.

And so frankly, I’ve had a good time for the past few years. I think the retirement did my health even good as I’ve gotten stronger with each passing month. I enjoy working out with my wife who still works by the way, (she is 8 years younger than me so she’s gonna be working for some time still).

I’m an outdoor person so I’ve always been on safaris and camping affairs every summer. I even managed to tour the countries of East Africa in the summer of 2018! What a time that was.

Many things have spiced up my time in retirement. I’ve always missed my colleagues and I constantly miss being active and productive in my line of profession. The fact that I retired earlier doesn’t make the feeling any easier.

On the flip side of the coin, someone has recently (for the past two years) been spicing up our lives at home. Her name is Tiffany. Now Tiff is my niece, a sister’s daughter. She turned three the other day and we stay with her and her mom in New York.

The story of my retirement would not be complete before I talk about Tiffany. This young lady is a whole host of energy. She will annoy you and make you happy almost immediately. She is always moving or touching something, including your pulling your ear, looking into your nose and attempting to pull a hair when you catching a nap! One time I woke up with my face and belly painted with crayons! Crazy human being. I love how curious and active she is. As I write this, I haven’t seen her for three days and I have to admit I miss her so bad. She is visiting her aunt in the suburbs and wont be back until next weekend.

Then there’s the recent story of my life…worries. Guys, I’m a worried man. I’m not poor but I live like I am, especially since 2019. After paying my housing, I’m barely left with enough to take care of me beyond the daily necessities. I thought social security would come in handy but that has not been of much help either.

Could New York be too expensive for me? Is it time to start thinking of relocating to a cheaper place? I’ve been worried that I’m beginning to entertain ideas of a part-time job. What do you guys think I should do?

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Go for the move!
by: Theblonde40

We 2nd South Dakota! Move and never look back. There's always zoom and flights!

Go for the Move
by: Anonymous

If you can have people you enjoy being around with you.. go for the move.... North Dakota .. South Dakota.. people are wonderful with lots of life there.

by: Sherry/ NC

I love the story about your niece! Yes, kids can be annoying, but also kids can be loving and sweet and funny. Just like us!

Yes, a part-time job would be great and give you a purpose. If you don't like the job you don't have to stay with it.

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