BLINK: Watching Mom, as her Caregiver

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Last year, I purchased Blink, an indoor security camera, for my mother's condo. Mom is 94 and still doing relatively good at home and she is a caregiver for my father (age 93)... or she thinks she is! :)

My sister and I go there daily, morning and night, and help with whatever is necessary. Mom does some things, but we do what we can before she gets to it... she gets tired so easily.

Enter BLINK -- this tiny camera that lets us watch her from home or anywhere we are (on our phones). It works day and night too!

Blink, an indoor security camera was purchased so my sister and I could be assured they were OK, when we weren't there. I was afraid Mom would be angry -- so I asked my sister to be there when we installed it.

Boy -- was I wrong!

Mom feels secure knowing we peek in from time to time. We bought two cameras and placed them in the kitchen and den areas. They actually LOVE this camera. Some might think it like a spy tool... and I seriously assumed Mom would too. Instead, she feels safe and secure knowing we are near.

I am happy to say she loves it! Win-Win!

When they see the light go on -- She waves! He waves too! Sometimes she points to her ear or phone -- meaning Call Me. All Good!

We can also hear them via the camera with the TV Blasting, quietness, or their chatter. You can speak to them via the cam (two-way communications) -- we've never done that (yet).

Blink only stays on for a brief time, then asks if you want to continue. The batteries have lasted a year and we both use it to peek in many times a day.

We know when something looks odd and can call or run right over -- that alone is so vital for their continued ability to live in a condo, but also for us it brings peace of mind!

You can also set it for motion detection -- we haven't done that either, but Mom fell at 11:30 pm a few nights ago and sit on the ground for a bit before she figured out how to get up. Dad couldn't hear her. So I may begin to turn that on every night.

Finally, BLINK is very affordable AND there is no monthly fee. We loved that! Don't need another bill to pay... so this just worked perfectly for our family.

Terry and I may purchase a few soon. We want one for the front door, and our home, for security purposes. When we were away, we'd set the motion detection and it will alert our phones if anything happens (with photos!)

If you are a caregiver, or a senior who wants their family to watch out for them, consider this a great gift... Peace of Mind.

Check it out on Amazon Here: Blink, an indoor security camera,

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Security cameras
by: Mary Ellen

I retired more than 5 years ago, and my son and his wife rent an investment house to me a few miles from their home.

Last year, with my permission, my son installed several security cameras outside and one inside my house, and he also installed his own cameras at his house.

The cameras send notifications to all our phones when they detect motion outside of notification parameters we set, and if anyone rings my doorbell my son and his wife hear it on their phones and can answer it if I’m not home or away from my phone.

The cameras can also be set to sound a loud alarm if motion is detected, or if anyone tries to remove the camera from its base, although I haven’t had to use the motion alarm feature.

My inside camera is situated in the hallway leading to my external side door, so my family knows when I arrive safely at home, and that I am up and about in the house when I don’t see them for a day or two.

I sleep soundly at night knowing my cameras will alert me to anyone in my yard, and so far they’ve alerted me to cats, dogs, bunnies, and a coyote. I’m in a very rural area with deep woods in my back yard, and these cameras give me great peace of mind.

I have Eufy cameras, which do not require a monthly fee, and are controlled through a phone app.

I do not consider the inside camera to be intrusive but I can disable the camera from recording temporarily if I feel the need for privacy, such as when I start a load of laundry within the cameras visual range while I’m still in my pjs, before I change into my regular clothing for the day.

Before Covid I traveled out of state frequently and was able to monitor my home from thousands of miles away.

I highly recommend security cameras for anyone who wants a way to keep an eye on family members who live alone, or anyone who just wants the security of knowing you won’t walk in on a burglar or be surprised at night while sleeping.

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