Book Review: Shifting Gears to Your Life and Work After Retirement: Second Edition

by Wendy,

This is the review I wrote on Amazon for Shifting Gears to Your Life and Work After Retirement.

The authors of this book sent me a review copy of this book... and I thank them! I've read many retirement books, as a Retirement Enthusiast/Coach, but this one is truly special.

The book starts by introducing the reader to retirement and all its nuances. One chapter is titled "Retirement is a Process, Not an Event". I love that as I use "Retirement is a Journey, Not a Destination". They talk about retirement being a grieving process with which I totally agree as it's not always easy. Then (for me, the best part) Myers-Briggs testing for post-retirement lifestyles! Woot! I am a big Myers-Briggs fan, for many years now, so to see this personality testing used to help retirees find themselves during retirement transitions is so very helpful. There are so many ideas, resource links, and simply a well thought out book that will help a variety of retirees find hope again!

Retirees, this is a workbook to take you through all of your retirement options. The door is open... but you must walk through it, with a little help from this book. Don't simply read it. Do the work. Yes, I am serious, Grab a Copy Today!

Shifting Gears to Your Life and Work After Retirement.

--- OK, Amazon review over. ---

Let's talk Myers-Briggs a bit. My sister and I got involved with this testing thirty years ago and immediately realized why we were so different. She loves people as an extravert, and I like them from behind my computer screen (introvert here). OK, that wasn't flattering about me... but the truth. I don't do small talk well. If you chat about home business, online business, or retirement -- I won't stop chatting, but otherwise, I have little to say. GRIN!

I didn't use Myers-Briggs for my work life as I was lucky enough to fall into a niche (retirement) that I love, even post-retirement. It did help me recognize my assets in the workplace (and where I was lacking).

If you would take the time and energy to do the testing in the book, take a serious look with eyes wide open at all your options, you can really truly change your life. There are so many resources and ideas and you only need to figure out who your real authentic self is -- then do the research to find your new retired lifestyle.

Yes, this might be considered work. Life transitions aren't easy. You don't know who you are any more or what you will do all day, every day, so why not take the time and effort to really find yourself again?

P.S. There is much more to the book, but as a Myers-Briggs gal, I wanted to feature that part of the book for you.

If you've read the book, please tell me about your experience below!

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