Book: The Power of Self Healing, by Dr. Mancini

by Wendy

Dr. Phil had the author of The Power of Self Healing on the show. He was treated by him, as a chiropractor, first, in Dallas, and now by an associate from Parker University.

Dr. Mancini spoke about how our bodies are self healing and self regulating. Move and exercise regularly. Make better choices... 80% of diseases today are from life's choices.

The best way to let release the past - forgiveness.
No control over what happened, you survived, it's not about the other person, it's about you.

For every negative thought you have, a physical response goes with it. Every negative thought, the body tenses up and more. Let it go. Set yourself free.

You don't need that other person to set you free -- you are in your own jail and only you can let yourself out.

The Power of Healing is about setting yourself free! It's a 21-day course to help yourself self heal.

If you have emotional or physical issues, consider this book.

p.s. You can read a Kindle Book on your computer, just download the Kindle reader!

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