by Wendy

Boom #1: I fell on Monday afternoon... boom! I was in mom's driveway leaving the house. I was at the car door, slipped on ice under the snow, feet went flying into the air. I had already closed the garage door, so mom was unaware (which is good). The neighbor across the street came over to help, after watching me just sit there for a few moments. My senses were pretty rattled. I hit hard and was afraid to move too fast.

Wayne, the neighbor is mid-80s, mostly housebound as is his wife, and not physically fit. He wants to help ME up! Noooo, I can get up, give me a chance, don't walk on this snow... but on he came. He insisted his many years of walking on snow and ice, as a UPS guy, helped him. So he gives me his hand, and he totally pulls me up onto my feet! I am shocked. He really was strong enough to hold me... I'm not over-weight but I am tall... and was afraid I'll pull him over on top of me, or the ice would cause him to fall. Either way, he got me up!
I am fine.... fell on the left hip, kinda sore, but I'm fine. Whew! I was soo lucky!

So, did I ever tell you how like I am to my mother? Like Mother, Like Daughter? People say we've got the same mannerisms, speech patterns, etc. Even 30 years ago, I visited California and my mom was there the previous year. My aunt's friends immediately said "You must be Jennie's daughter"... Seriously?

Boom #2: OK... So Wednesday, Mom, not to be outdone by me for attention, went BOOM! Yep! She was watching me walk to the car, from the garage... holding my big purse and a box. I was reaching for the passenger side car door, when I heard a YELP... there's mom, lying on the garage floor. She fell down three concrete garage steps, at age 89! Glasses were 2 feet from her, hit the back of her head on the concrete and heard it crack, and her legs were kinda lopsided under her, to the side.

I made her sit there for maybe 5 minutes... as she groaned a little about her leg/ankle. She wanted inside the house, so I finally got her facing the steps, lifted her up from behind, my arms under her pits... we slowly, step by step, made our way up the stairs, into the house, and into her comfy chair.
Bottom Line, Believe it or not, She IS FINE! She hurts, yes, her legs ache, yes, but she can walk... slowly, its only been 2 days after all, as I write this. I did spend the night, watched her overnight to assure she didn't fall again and for the head bump, but My Mom is a Tough Bird and she is just fine. Like mother, Like daughter...

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(Can't think of one, Wendy)
by: Sheila, Cambridge Ontariotion

Your Mom was lucky and so were you. At 89 she should have had a break at least after a fall like that.

My neighbour, not even near 89, had a similar fall. She was outside her apartment (her door opens onto a public pathway) having a smoke, and when she started to go inside, her foot slipped on the ice and down she went.

When the weather's fine, no frost, there are folks walking right by her door, but no one passed for at least 30 minutes. Until her husband arrived home. "What're you doing down there?" he asked. I'd have bopped him!

Solution - particularly for seniors - Make sure you're wearing appropriate footwear in bad weather. Don't overload yourself. Tell someone where you're going and when to expect you back. And always, always carry a cell phone.

And, oh yes. Don't smoke!

She's okay. Like your mom, she was lucky.

Wendy: Sheila, I would have BOPPED him too! HA!

Did You Buy Lottery Tickets?
by: Tom Damron--Plano, Texas

With the luck the two of you had, the lottery should have been a dead-certain lock for a win.

But all kidding aside, surely glad you both came out okay. It served to remind me why we abandoned Connecticut and moved to Texas, Janet's home State. In the last 38 years, I heaven' slipped on ice or snow once.

Hope your luck holds.


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