Bored Silly and Not Motivated

by Anon.

I have not been working for 2 years now (I am 65)... my husband has been retired the same amount of time he is just now 61.

It was his choice to retire and mine was a layoff, but I was getting early SS and decided not to return to work.

Our income is such that we cannot really afford to do much, if we do take a camping or car trip we are broke for the rest of the month. So it is getting really boring.

I am usually a very out going person and love to talk to people. Lately I have been a loner and find I really don't want to put much effort into socializing, this is not me. I think my depression comes from not being able to keep up with our friends and do things with them because we cannot afford it.

On the other hand, I am not happy with my husband as I told him before retirement that this would happen. He on the other hand is just happy to sit and watch TV, this is ok for a day but after that it drives me crazy and I get very irritated with him.

He is now after two years going to look for part time work until he turns 62 and gets ss $, but I say to myself "will this really help"?

I think about volunteering, them I tell myself, I don't want to commit, I cannot get myself motivated to do anything.

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Wendy: Well, you do have options, like any retiree -- and maybe you have to give yourself a little KICK in the A** to get moving.

If he is working now, why don't you also find a part-time job -- both for the income but also as a social life. If not, DO consider volunteering.

I recently checked into volunteering and the local hospital gift shop (and other hospital positions) only retire FOUR HOURS A WEEK. Heck, you can do that, right? If you like it, do two half days a week. If not, try something else!

A happy retirement is NOT just about having money. It helps, of course, but the lack of it is not going to doom your retirement days -- unless you let it.

Take an art class. Join the Book Club at the Library. Think about what you'd like to share.. and find people who enjoy the same thing! They are out there!

You might even find a few Senior Pen Pals. Sometimes someone else has experiences that help you, or put a situation into perspective for you.. it only takes one persons words to help you out of your solitude. Try it, find an online friend. Talk about your life and find out what they do all day -- it certainly can't hurt and just might help you.

Seek medical help, if you must, but don't let yourself continue down this path.. it will get harder and harder to pull yourself back out.

Life isn't easy, never was... but there is still many years of life left! You just got to figure out how to live it now.. differently.. but a good life just the same!!

Best Wishes!

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Life is what you make of it
by: Bernie

Dear Bored:

If you find retirement boring, it' s up to you to discover self-motivation. You are the only one who knows your potential and your limitations.

Perhaps you are just depressed and not aware of it. In this case, you should talk to people. If you are a spiritual person, find help in the scriptures. Don't be shy.

Many of us have been down that road. I, myself was not ready for retirement. I made the decision to retire last year when my became gravely ill.
As a nurse I knew I was depressed. I used to cry everyday because of my husband's condition.

My faith brought me back to life. Thanks to Joyce Meyer's and Jimmy Swaggart ministries, although I am catholic, today I am a different person. I listen to anyone who can bring the "Word" to me as there is one God. He never gives us more than we can bear. I started penpalling and I love it. Please, try it.

It's ok
by: Pattie

Don't feel like you have to do anything. I hated getting up at the crack of dawn and as soon as i didn't have to, i became a night owl. I do a lot of crafts.. things i always wanted to do. I sell what i make too. When ppl retire they feel pressured to have to be doing something.. you don't if you don't want to. You can do a lot on the internet too.. I would never volunteer for anything.. I had to pay pay pay for everything so my time is not free.

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