Bored? So much you can do!

by BE

In general I cannot believe my ears when people say this.

You can now live on your terms. There are things called hobbies, you can buy a guitar and learn to play...take lessons in person or online, at your own pace.

Redecorate a room in your house, sometimes just paint makes a huge difference.

Join an afternoon bowling league.

You can learn a language.

Go for a hike or a bike ride on a regular basis. Go camping. Visit a museum or state park.

Go to Starbucks in the morning, after becoming a regular you'll naturally meet new people to talk to.

There are so many organizations who can use a volunteer. Even if it is just 1,2,3 days a week.

Be grateful for your newfound freedom. You don't have early starts or late finishes forced on you anymore.

You get to avoid rush hour and leave your house at 10AM to get on the road.

SO many more things. Zero sympathy for anyone who allows themselves to become "bored" in retirement.

Just because there isn't somebody telling you what to do, doesn't mean you can't do anything.

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I’m Alone As Well
by: Canuck Retiree

Well not all the time as my husband is retired but he is not well so we don’t do a lot of social things together. He is a loner by choice. I’m more social.

We do go to movies and concerts together. I’m new to retirement and still miss my job and coworkers. I did my job for about 20 years. It’s been a tough year. I retired shortly after surviving breast cancer. I was a year from retiring at 65.

Sometimes I think I should have Put one more year in at work. I’m trying different things. I tried a hospital gift shop volunteer job but didn’t stick with it. I feel bad about that.

I’m taking water colour painting and enjoying it. I start piano lessons in July and ice skating. I’m also on a list for a 10 week class in September.

I might volunteer at something else if an opportunity arises. I feel better than I did eight months ago. I’ll always miss my job though but I’m keeping busy.

hermit spouse
by: Laura in Vermont

My husband has been retired for years and he is something of a hermit, spending most of his time with his computer. I used to go to a crafts group by myself, but the hostess of our group thought having our husbands come would help her disabled husband, who couldn't get out on his own.

I brought my husband and he had his doubts at first but he made friends there! They'd talk about whatever they thought was interesting and have great discussions, and everybody benefited.

If there is something you do that your husband could go to as well, and that had value to him, try to get him to go.

by: DT

Be - Yes some of us are bored. Not everyone has it easy and find it difficult to stay positive - which my 100 year old mother practiced daily. You lack empathy for people and that is sad. Some people do not have the resources, companions or support that others might have. We are not all the same. We all do not get what we want or thought we would have.

Go for it
by: Anonymous

As long as your spouse is ok with being alone there is no reason you can't take an exercise class, a hobby class, go out biking, or join a walking or hiking group on your own! Don't worry that he will be more depressed if you do a bit more on your own.

by: Sherry/ NC

The most important thing of all is having a companion or bestie friend to talk with and do things with, but we don't all have this interest and we yearn too!

I know there are lots of us like being alone most of the time, most of us wish we didn't have to. It is difficult to make and keep friends. I have been working at it all of my life.

I am a nice person and some people are always trying to take advantage of me. People are always coming and going in my life. I take good care of my friends, but some don't care. I am a fun, humorous, smart, can cook, enjoyable person, but most people are self centered and want
to do things their way. I think we can become this way just from living alone for a long time.

I do volunteer work and this makes me happy and I go to exercise classes 4x a week and this keeps me moving. I enjoy the company of 5 ladies one morning a week for breakfast. I work at keeping busy!

I will continue to do my best the rest of my life. We don't always get what we want!

No One to do Things With
by: Anonymous

I enjoyed your post and I believe that you’re right, but what if you’re married and your spouse only wants to sit in front of the television?

I do go to lunches with friends on occasion, but not much beyond that. I still work part time just to keep my sanity. I don’t know what changed. I always thought we would be doing things together, not that there’s anything wrong with having separate interests.

Somehow I think we’ll drift further apart if I start doing things without him. I think he is depressed or has other medical issues that he’s not telling me about which accounts for his change in behavior.

I have discussed these things with him, but he is very stubborn and doesn’t want my unsolicited advise. He has always been an introvert. I don’t want to spend the rest of my retirement doing nothing.

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