Bored? Too Negative

by Mike/Scotland

I can't relate to this "bored" declaration. I retired at 58.

There are ongoing educational classes, sports and walking activities for the 50+ cohort. Off peak cinema admissions, cheap public transport options, I have my garden and property to maintain. There are everyday tasks like buying food and keeping the car looking presentable, washing windows, shopping for clothes, buying presents or whatever (the time all adds up).

There are volunteering opportunities with local environmental initiatives and simply lending a hand to frail neighbours, by helping to keep their garden tidy or picking up a few items of fresh food.

I am a grandparent and we lend a hand caring for our girls. We like to walk with our friends as a group at least twice a week sometimes five times a fortnight, I usually cycle to the library or in summer for a picnic lunch, I swim in the municipal pool if the weather is bad, we go to the cinema now and again, likewise music events and art exhibitions.

We go on holiday several times a year and every other year, and we help our friends by house-sitting in their home and taking care of their cats while they travel. abroad.

We eat out a few times each month and we entertain friends at home four or five times a year.

Bored is not I word I utter very often.

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by: Rick / Oregon


Open your eyes! You can do anything u want!

Choose to be happy!

And good luck!

Boredom Can Be An Opportunity
by: J.S./San Antonio

I am subject to interludes of boredom. But I see these interludes as opportunities. They are a wake-up call for me to make an action plan. Boredom, for me, is negative only if I allow it to persist.

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