Bored? Try ACTING!

When I retired at 60, I sat around for 4 years, before I got really bored. I decided to try acting as a backgound actor in film and TV.

You don't really have to know how to act. Just show up on time and follow the AD's ( Assistant Director ) instructions. You get to meet some great people and even see yourself on TV or movies and work with celebrities.

If you live near a big city that makes movies and Tv shows, there are lots of agency's that would love to hire you. They even pay you and the food is great. One warning, the hours can be long and sometimes you sit in " background holding " for a long time, but you get paid for sitting anyway.

It is like a job but a lot more fun and rewarding. After a while, when you get the call to go to work, you feel like you are going to a big family reunion. Give it a try!

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Back Ground Actors
by: Betty/Archer Florida

I would love to do this. But I don't know where to find it. Any help out there.

I would appreciate it

Acting career
by: Anonymous

Good for you, Glad you are having fun with your acting career!

by: Cindi H - NC

My hubby and I were once part of an "audience at a basketball game" for a Whoopie Goldberg movie.
Fascinating experience.

I don't know that we ever made it on the screen - they filmed in several cities - but it was fun doing "the wave" with everyone silently. You stood up and threw your arms up at the right time and opened your mouth like you were screaming but made no noise at all.

I was grateful we weren't the ones who were picked to walk up the bleachers like we were arriving. I think those folks were exhausted by the time the day was over.

Great idea to keep filed away for when we move up north.

TRY Acting
by: Anonymous

I have been interestred in this Movie Extras acting for a long time. Don't know how to get in to it.
I would appreciate some help in how to.

Acting in Retirement
by: Nina London


Completely impressed! What I did which was fun was join the Comedy School in London learning to improvise. It was great! We also had an opportunity to go to a club and do stand up. However, I got cold feet. Looks like a need a few more lessons to get the courage to go on stage.

Thanks for the tips and ideas. It would be nice to try acting.

Best Wishes, Nina

A friend does this!
by: Wendy,

A younger friend and his family does this. They watch certain sites and just show up... they are in the background in small parts all the time!

Really could be fun for many!

p.s. I googled "background actors" and found lots of info if this appeals to you!

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