Bored with golf (many indoor interests)

by Bill
(Boston )

Bored retired baby boomer at 70 my spouse also bored. Ex college jock thought I would play golf every day and I did then one day I asked myself why am I chasing this ball ???

My health / game declined and lucky to break 100, is this fun? Front tees didn’t help . Played sports nearly 60 years .

College educated ( history major/ teacher ) so still love to read for hours daily even watch Cspan 3 history channel religiously , thank you PBS “ the best television on television “ !!!

Got smart TV a million stations / movies , internet , cell phone to keep mind occupied.

Diagnosed with cancer , diabetes, heart condition limited mobility like many in my generation !!!

Saved our money invested well debt free just the basics to cover private home / utilities , food and prescriptions sound familiar . Doctor appointments , dinner dates and church that’s about it . No children .

Love / live in New England which has it all (ocean, mountains, culture , good schools) 4 seasons - yet thought of moving to warmer climates but why take on another mortgage and sit inside due to health and seasonal heat ??? same as seasonal cold up north.

Just biding time still enjoy curling up in easy chair reading a book, never too old to learn so thank you to numerous libraries and online reasonably priced Amazon books.

Worked in many different careers after college including travel industry literally got to see the world when healthy not too mobile now . Travel is the best learning experience one can attain via first hand knowledge but must have the health/mobility to travel both domestic and foreign lands/ cultures . Sometimes the best things are right in your own backyard .

Don’t know when God will take us just hope for the best quality of life . My baby boomer generation has seen and lived thru a lot ( the 60’s come to mind JFK, MLK , RFK, Vietnam, civil rights , landing on the moon , women’s liberation, Kent State, Beatles , Woodstock) just like our forefathers had stories to tell !!

We can only reflect and again hope for the best .

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Weekly golf
by: Pete, Flanders, NJ

I play golf weekly, just 9 holes and no score keeping. I play with 2 other retired guys. We play for fun.

None of us are like Tiger Woods, more like tigers in the woods. We laugh, joke, and enjoy just being outdoors. We walk the course, just 9 holes, getting our daily steps accomplished.

Then lunch at pizza shop. It makes for a fine day outdoors.

by: Georgia

Know what you mean about health decline. But we push on.

Suggestion to take or leave, consider a plant based diet. Your health will improve and some adverse conditions may go away.

You are too young to have so many health issues. If you can, and you can, give up meat. It is not the healthy protein you have been told.

Watch the movie, it is on Net Flix, Game Changer. My cardiologist turned me on to this movie.

You can feel and be healthier. I am 73 and have made the change. Hoping breast cancer and high cholesterol will be just a memory.

Great retirement!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I love reading all your varied interests!

Yes, stuck inside mostly -- but you have so much to amuse yourself with. Never Stop Learning, totally agree there, this is a big world and so much to explore online.

Kudos to you!

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