I am up in Canada it is cold up here in the winter.
Normally we had south for the winter Florida, this I the first winter I have had to be home.

I cannot believe how bored I am! I am such a social guy wicket sense of humor . What I miss is people. I feel so isolated. In Florida I ran the shuffleboard . Was the bingo caller , played darts. Was so active, switch me here to Canada, stuck in the house the whole winter .

I have been retired for about 7 years now . Every year in Florida kept busy outside. this is all new what I am learning being here for the winter . I have looked up the seniors centre in my area I took a tour . Right now it is just not for me, maybe I would give it a second chance I do not know . I thought of volunteering at the hospital but they want criminal back ground check and health check at a cost to yourself . so I said no thanks . And I have read many stories on here mine is a bit different .

I am 63 years old male, no family really to speak of, no kids, not married, no friends, lonely life. And there is more I cannot get out most days do to and illness that keeps me in during the early morning and early afternoon. I am better by later afternoon So the programs at senior center are mostly mornings . As I run into everything like this about any thing I want to do . I have a lot of energy and very mobile. I go for walks and try to get out at least once a day in my car. But the first couple of weeks of the winter I was in a deep depression just to many things. I good not deal with but now things are better but still bored .

The only one thing that have been thinking about is a dog. I am on a set income so the cost of owning not sure that would be the right thing. So totally lost wish there was a group here I could meet for coffee 2 times a week something . but so far in all my searching found nothing .

I can relate to every one here it sucks . People who have family and kids can keep busy with just family or friends . Some of us who have posted on here do not have either so once you retire can be a lonely life.

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Bored ???
by: ElaineD, BC Canada

Just so that people would know, not all of Canada is so cold during winter. I live on the far West Coast, no snow yet and some years we don't get any that stays longer than a few hours. Weather is not that cold on the two of our far coasts!

As for what someone already answered if you own a dog it might require you to take it for a walk outdoors at any time of the day. Would you be capable or prepared for such?

I have been retired for several years and my intention was to volunteer a lot more than when I was working. But, do not find that spare time that I thought I would. I love meeting new people and it happens all the time. Just by hanging out where you can maybe sip on some coffee and there always seem to be folks that want to talk to someone there if I like or or not, LOL...I do like it.

I still do a lot of short trip travels so I love dogs but do not want the hassle of owning one and having to worry about sitters. If I had the spare time I would volunteer at some animal shelter to help be a sitter to the many dogs they seem to get before adoptions.

If one does not have a criminal record it should not be such a costly ordeal to get a criminal check from your local police station. Because as I have also found out that most volunteering places do require such these days, it's just common sense, for public places to be safer than sorry. And it's a lot cheaper for the check than buying a pet and feeding it if you want to way things out that way.

I am also heavily into crafts that the only thing is that there are so many distractions and all the things I want to do that I don't seem to finish what I start with. So, retirement is surely not boring for me.

About Bored
by: Nancy, Indiana

Just FYI, I visited Canada for the 2nd time this summer: Niagara, and Toronto. Loved it. In late 90s we went to Yarmouth. Also loved it.

I can relate to not having any friends, nor family. I do have a wonderful husband and a dog. No kids, by choice. I do keep in contact with my 2 sister via e-mail, text, and occasional visits.

I have a smallish Beagle type dog. We had an older dog who was not able to go for walks, and wasn't much company. We got the Beagle one week before the older dog died. My Beagle gives me so much company and I can take her for walks. I don't see much point in walking without a dog. They just completed a lot of new trails in my town to explore.

It is really my choice not to have friends. I had some really good friends in different jobs, but they just didn't survive retirement and for a reason since we didn't have much in common. I go to Bible studies, and church and have met some friends there whom I enjoy, but we do not have daily contact. I could nurture these friendships to have more contact, but I like solitude and the company of my husband only.

I wish you all the best. Please update us on your journey.

Get that dog
by: Jan / Idaho

I think you really need to go ahead a get a small dog. Maybe a rescue that needs you as much as you need him.

I have two dogs, a mini Aussie and a mini Aussie/Corgi/Pomeranian mix. We go to the dog park almost every day for an hour or so. I have met some of the nicest people there and my dogs love it there.

I'm pretty much an introvert but I found it very easy to strike up a conversation. Everyone wants to talk about their dogs and yours as well.

My dogs are so goofy and so much fun to play with and they give me something to think about besides of my ills and boredom. They're good travel companions also so if you get to go back to Florida they can keep you company there.

Have you thought of volunteering at the Humane Society? They always need help.

Yours is a Universal Problem
by: Linda/Nevada

When I read your post, I was reminded about how much I would like to visit Canada. I live in a climate that is opposite of yours, yet I have some of the same problems you do.

I only have one daughter who lives in another state, so I do not see her very often. She has a life that is active and interesting and I am glad she did not follow in my footsteps. I never wanted to be a clinging parent that put guilt trips on my child for not wanting to be around me all the time.

I think you should get a pet. I have a cat and I adore him for his sweet personality and companionship. He sleeps a lot like most cats so his lifestyle is a lot like mine. I understand your concern about the cost of owning a pet but the benefits of owning a pet are worth it.

Sometimes it is better to learn to live with your current lifestyle than to try to mold it to what you think you should be doing. Relax and let things happen according to what God's plan is for you. There's nothing wrong with just being you in your quiet world. In the still of your silence, you will find answers to what will make you have a more peaceful life.

Response to: Bored
by: Ken / San Diego CA

63 and not liking retirement? I agree with you about Florida and warm weather. I would be in Florida myself, if I didn't already live in CALIFORNIA! I wish you could alternate each winter, and go to Florida… You can get some very reasonably priced condos/homes there, and in Florida, they treat SENIORS very well, and with RESPECT!

A dog would be a great idea, just don't get a Great Dane ;-) or you surely would have to go back to work just for dog food.

Best Wishes from San Diego CA

What about this
by: Elizabeth , West Virginia

My son has just been medically retired while in his mid 50s. He also has always been very active, now with cut in income, was searching for something to stimulate and capture his interest.

I suggested a ham radio license. He has found a radio club and resale equipment, hopes to become part of our early warning disaster system. This you could do there in Canada or in the sunshine State.

I also am retired, find my crafting for charity helps keep me sane. You may find you have a hidden talent in a craft like woodworking. Just some suggestions...

Bored Out Of Your Mind
by: Joe W.

I don't know which part of Canada you live in but I know that many people would do anything to get an opportunity to live in a Country that has 4 distinct seasons.

I suggest first focus on your health & wellness to give you more energy. Then look for events and activities that spark your interest and go with it. It's often said that those folks that are bored out of their mind are boring themselves. It's about action and more action to get the desired results that you really want.

Joe W.

Maybe a dog is what's needed
by: Laura in Vermont

You may have hit on something that would work for you. A dog would be good company. They're bred to love and try to understand you. You could get a small one that doesn't eat a lot. A dog needs to go out a few times a day, so tethering him out when you feel crummy would be an option. But then when you feel good, the two of you could have a walk.

People find a dog approachable, especially a smaller, friendly-looking one. Your dog could attract friends for you. Maybe you could check with your humane society about the veterinary costs, including the shots dogs need. There may be programs to help you keep up at a lower cost to you.

by: Sherry/ NC

Go to the coffee shoppes anyway; go to all of them in your local area on a regular basis.

People will get use to you coming and you or they may strike up a conversation and then you can take it from there, friends to find!

I am a member of the Senior Center here where I live and I enjoy it!

I do volunteer work there.

by: Mary Fla.

Why not move to Fla. Permanently? No state tax, great weather and lots of friendly retired people. If you stay away from the coasts, living is cheap.

And the hot summers are made easy by AC and pools

Winter can be tough here in the North...
by: Junebug in Deerfield WI

I live in WI and also find winters tough. I have two dogs so they do keep me company. I go to chair yoga (free) twice a week and have met many wonderful people there, men and women. I try to go out for an inexpensive lunch once a week, usually with retired former coworkers.

Most important is keeping social interactions. My friends visit the library (free) or volunteer at schools or literacy council. Many humane societies welcome volunteers too. I think you would find a small young dog would not cost too much to maintain (look for a healthy mutt). They are a lot of company and open social doors too.

by: Carol, BC

I have a dog and I walk him 2 hours a day. It helps a lot, keeps me fit, keeps me busy and focused on something else. He's getting old too and once he's gone, I'll go back to the gym. But yes, a dog is expensive and ours is a big one. But well worth it.

Bored in Canada
by: Anonymous

I just had to comment about having a dog. Please remember that when a dog has to go out and do "his business" it can be anytime. You have to shovel a snow path, so that the dog can go. You have to take the dog for a walk at least once a day.

I am retired, widowed and love dogs, but a cat was the most sensible option for me.

I live in a small town in New England. I am not a "social butterfly". Try to do inside during the Winter months. During the Summer Months, yard and garden work. No interesting social things going on here. I like to read, so I go to the library and visit the few friends that I have.

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