by Diane
(Blaine mn)

I retired to take care of my 99 year old mother.

I am happy to do that but i am bored as all we do is shop. I look forward to supper, that's the high light of my day.

I am depressed and anxiety is high. I miss the relation of people so i am probably going to volunteer at a hospital or some where or look for a part-time job.

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Bored after retirement?
by: Jane in Hawkins, Tx

The biggest secret about having a successful retirement is liking yourself. You may laugh but it you do not like yourself you are in trouble.

You will be spending a lot of time with you... with no distractions. If you like yourself then you will find ways to share this wonderful person that you are with others who need you.

When you are not the center of your interests you grow, you are busy, even reading a book is fun. If you do not like yourself... it is time to find out why and fix it.

You have the time... do it. You are either happy where you are or you are taking steps to change it. Everyone goes through the "poor me" syndrome when they realize that there are no distractions from having to face yourself, your goals, you dreams, or lack of these. If it is to be it is up to me. Ten 2 letter words that give you the remedy for boredom. Do not blame anyone else. Do not expect anyone else to do it for you. Just do it.

Wendy helped me. She made me want to get up and do something instead of just gripping about things. You can too.

by: Anonymous

I cannot fathom being bored after retirement. The world is full of exciting things to do and see besides shopping.

My husband and I are not rich but I plan on retiring within the year and I'm looking forward to free days and no boss telling me what to do or even just ignoring me. The workforce has drained the life out of me and I can't wait to retire!!

So, sorry that you are bored and as I was once told "Only boring people are boring"

Have a better day!

Retirement boredom
by: Alison, NY

When I read your comment it reminded me of the two years I spent taking care of my kids before returning to work. I lost my adult friends who were communicating at work, I had to do the things my little kids wanted to do and could not meet my own needs.

I am sure your mother is grateful for your care, but don't sacrifice all your personal space and time. You are right...get out there and volunteer or go get a part time job and hire a personal care aide for your mom.

Better yet, do something fun and interesting like yoga classes or a gym.

You will have more energy and will enjoy your time with your mom more if you are getting your own needs met.

by: Sherry/NC

Your mother is lucky! How about reading about an interesting subject? What about taking your mother to the park and she can watch the children play! Take a picnic lunch and eat it while sitting on a bench. How would you like to go to a beautiful garden and see the plants and flowers?!

There is always something to do. Check out all of the things to do in your city. Lots of free stuff where I live. I always check out the free stuff first! There is probably lots of free stuff for you!

Gotta Take Care of Yourself
by: John A

Volunteering or finding a part time job will be a good thing to do.

Being a caregiver is hard work and harder on the caregiver than the person being cared for. You must take care of yourself since you will only pay the price in the end of it all by being unhappy and or your health suffering.

You've given your time, life and who knows what else to care for your mother. You deserve to be happy and to get out and do something you enjoy. Do something for yourself. It is not being selfish to do something that puts some joy back into your life. GO FOR IT!!!!

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