Boredom Bashing

by Alison NY

Over the years I've noticed that a majority of the comments are about the adjustment to retirement and feeling some boredom. And if you've been employed and raising kids and have been busy all your life with a rigid set of responsibilities and time lines, that only makes sense. It is a huge adjustment.

That is probably why people searched out this forum and decided to write. And then the response is sometimes so harsh. As though you have no right to be bored because other people have found so many things to do.

I think retired people need to be slowly coaxed into learning the art of relaxation and of finding their new passions. To dismiss their vents and to determine that they are choosing to be bored is just demeaning and silly.

Retirement adjustment takes time. It has taken me five years to determine a new life and yes, I have faced some boredom.

Let retirees vent....if you are lucky to have your days full of adventure and new experiences, good for you. It doesn't mean someone who hasn't figured this out yet is wasting their life. Be kind and have empathy, we're all in this together....

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Boredom Bashing
by: Joyce. Washington

Thank you so much. I have worked since I was 15 1/2. Retired at 67. Glad I did but I do get bored.

Working my way through it though. Some days ate easier than others. Happy to hear I am not alone and retirement us an adjustment.

by: Cindi H, Ohio

I agree. It took months for me to be comfortable with retirement after leaving a job where I had to accomplish many things each day.

Reformatting your life takes time. If you don't understand that, please refrain from jumping in and berating those who are adjusting. Everyone is different.

Thanks for putting the idea out there.

I Agree
by: J.S./San Antonio

I agree with your well-stated assessment. Thank you for submitting it to this site.

by: Anonymous

Excellent post. It took me some time to adjust after having a busy career. Just getting used to it now x

So true
by: Beattie Australia

People need to remember that everyones retirement journey is not the same, just like life. Some people transition to retirement quickly, others take time or never adjust, that does not mean your way is right and theirs is wrong. People write in for advice, not to be judged.


Thats just my take.

I agree
by: Nancy

With everything you said, and I am so glad you said it. As you said, it doesn't do me or anyone else who is struggling to offer advice, judgment, and or criticism if we are bored or depressed.

Everyone has to find his or her own way as you said. I enjoy reading posts where people are enjoying retirement and doing well, up until the point where they start carping on others who are depressed or bored. Especially when they start carping on people who are depressed.

And boredom is a symptom of depression and can be a medical condition. It would be like blaming someone for having a cold. My story of adjustment is similar to yours.

Thank you for posting.

Art Of Relaxation
by: Joe W.

What is the 'art of relaxation'? If people really enjoyed being bored and totally relaxed they would say so.

Boredom in retirement can happen to any senior at any time whether you choose to do many activities or no activities at all. Usually many seniors coming on this forum are asking for some help to relieve their particular boredom problem.

Five years is much too long to be bored. In many cases seniors on this forum will offer possible solutions to individual seniors asking for help.

Boredom is a huge problem for many seniors in our society. The longer boredom lasts the more anxiety and depression it creates. Wendy is here to offer seniors options to alleviate any boredom problems and possibly begin a new productive life in retirement.

Of course, it is possible that a senior will choose a 100% leisure retirement. In this case, it's important to choose the right leisure or hobby activities that fit and make you happy not bored.

Joe W.

by: Wee-zer

Yes, Alison, I completely agree with you!

You have hit the head on the nail that we have been regimented since children to go to school, get a job, go to work, get married, have children, raise the children, save for retirement, put kids thru college, pay for kids weddings.

Then all of a sudden the plate is no longer full of that stuff anymore. You retire and you have no schedule, no kids to worry about.

Many of us have never established hobbies, many of us have no kids or grandkids or relatives. We have retired and have time on our hands. Not all of us enjoy volunteering. Not all of us live in big cities where there are museums and interesting things to do. Not all of us can afford to travel extensively. Not all of us go to church or join clubs.

It is a very hard transition. Yes, we are all in charge of our lives and no one is going to come knocking on the door to ask you to come out and play. We do have to make some effort to try and do things whether it works out or not.

There is no right or wrong.

We just need to encourage those of us that are discouraged and struggling to deal with retirement. No all of us have had a burning desire to start a business or a hobby or volunteer or join clubs.

Encourage not discourage our fellow retired fellows!

by: Jeff

Thank you for your words, so true.

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