Bored...omg I am so darned bored.

by Rick
(Vincennes, In.)

usmc airbase namphong thailand

usmc airbase namphong thailand

I am retired and soon to be 66. I have yet to be married and it sucks. Haven't had a date for over 15 years. Quit smoking. Gained over 100lbs. Got back and leg problems. Other health issues too. 90% disabled marine vietnam veteran. Live alone.

I'd travel but have no interest in going someplace alone. I've seen all 50 states already and have traveled overseas as well. Not much of a drinker. Nothing seems to excite me. Don't like sports. Hate exercising.

What is there to do? I get up every morning about 5-6am, have breakfast and read my email. After that, I am bored all day. Nothing to do but take naps.

I've tried to find someone to date but nothing out there except gold diggers and druggies.

the past 7 years, I've been driving to Montana or Wyoming and staying for several weeks. I love to travel but hate groups.

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Small Steps
by: Carol / Salem, OR

Hi Rick,

It sounds like you have taken some steps to get out of your rut. The thing is when someone is depressed, the world looks completely negative because you are thinking negatively about everything.

How you get out of this rut is a process. You have to take small steps, otherwise it will seem too overwhelming. I am not a psychologist. I am telling you from reading and personal experience.

You are obviously a man with a strong constitution. You just have to find it again.

Thanks for your service.


by: Anonymous

I have been a loner most of my life. I hate groups of people. I took several group tours and was so bored that I won't do it again. I've been volunteering at the local gun range...teaching gun safety and sometimes sight alignment.

I wrote a few blogs several years ago for a site called trip advisor but they edited my blog...made me mad and they removed many of my pics. I deleted my account.

I tried teaching computers but found that I don't have the patience for it. I have put ads on the net looking for someone to be a travel buddy but none so far are worthy enough... many had criminal records and some just couldn't afford it... expected me to pay.

Do what you can
by: Roger WestVirginia

Rick - I meet a lady we go to lunch or dinner every day and a movie once a week so yes she cost me money but look at it like this I get some one to spend time with some one to talk too and doing some thing with some one is way more fun than doing it by you self

Retirement is a new life for us
by: PJ/southeastern US

I understand all too well...for the most part, our generation worked, so I think we identified ourselves with our careers. Now that we are retired, we no longer have that...who are we now? It is a loss...Even though it wasn't perfect, we miss our work lives,, and being someone there. It was a reason to get moving in the mornings.

Yes, I am a retiree. That said, I'm not nearly ready to fade quietly into senility, a nursing home, or whatever other category they want to put us into.

I think I'd like to travel. I'm working on that...not so sure I want to go on group tours, but a bit hesitant to go some places alone. Still contemplating Whether to get an rv.

There are many independent senior women who are neither gold diggers or druggies. You just haven't found the right one...the question is where to meet them, and I don't know that answer. As a recent widow, I'd like to find a male traveling companion that is neither. Lol!

In the meantime, I'm taking it one day at a time, continuing to do the things I enjoy, and trying new things. If I meet someone-great! If not, oh well...tomorrow is a new day.

Best wishes, and thank-you for your service to our country!

by: Mary

You can move into a retirement community. Always lots of activities and people in the same age group. You can be as social or not, as you want.

You have a lot to offer!
by: Wee-zer

Rick, I am 66 years old this year too. I am still trying to find myself in retirement.

One thing I do every day is read all the on line newspapers to see what is going on in the world. I have learned so much about USA politics that I never knew while working and not paying attention.

You have nice pictures of your travels. Why don't you create a blog and talk about your travels, post pictures, describe points of interest to visit. You might even explore the idea of posting stories in travel magazines. I have no idea how to do that but you have time to investigate that. You could take some writing courses to hone your skills.

Oklahomaed2go has a travel writing course that might appeal to you:

They also have around 42 different writing courses. They are priced pretty reasonable.

They offer lots of short courses on different subject matter. I have taken a handful and they are fun.

Another thing you might try but not like at first is joining a gym. You don't have to pal around with anyone there. You could start by doing some easy stuff like walking on a track, riding a bike, lifting some light weights. As time goes on you might be ready for some harder stuff. You might even meet some new friends there.

Look up Meetups on the internet and put in your zipcode. There are all kinds of clubs to join. You might find a discussion group, board game group, book club, learning new skills of some sort.

Also, sometimes it isn't just about bringing joy to yourself but to give joy to others. Do you know some people that are shut ins or just need a helping hand? You could take them to the grocery store, make a casserole and give it to them, take them out for breakfast. Sometimes seeing the joy thru someone else's eyes will bring you joy.

If your house is cluttered, consider getting rid of the junk by donating it to Vietnam Vets. I have donated tons of stuff and they come to my house and pick it up. You could sell some of your clutter on ebay. Believe me, selling on ebay takes up time. You have to create the ad, take photos. Then when an item sells you need to package it and take it to the post office.

There are thrift stores that need help sorting out donations, pricing the items, running a cash register, organizing the store. You could volunteer a few hours a week doing that. Trust me, there are usually mostly women who volunteer and they would love a guy to do a little lifting, putting up a shelf. You might even meet a nice person there to do fun things with.

Good luck, you need to jump in the pool and get wet!

Do Something; Anything
by: John A. / Tyler,TX

It sounds like you need a change of attitude about your purpose in life. Ya gotta get out there and do something; anything. If you do nothing, you won’t know when you are finished.

Use some of that self motivation/self worth that was drilled into your head in boot camp in the USMC. I am sure some of that is still in your mindset.

Why not try doing some volunteering? There are agencies that could certainly use your skill sets and it would be a tremendous boost to building up your self worth since I sense you may feel you have had your last hurrah. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

After all, you wrote to this site and apparently looking for something. One thing for sure, you seem to need a purpose in life. How ever you fill that void is up to what ever you decide to do. Just don’t be a "malingerer" as far as your motivation is concerned. Does that word sound familiar from boot camp? It still resonates with me.

You’re still a MARINE. Semper Fi, do or die !!

USMC 68-72
MOS 0311

by: Bruce

You are in a rut.

Happiness won't come knocking at your door. You have to make it happen. Do something, anything.


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