Born a BOOMER !!!!!!!

by Alrico
(Palolo Valley, Hawaii)

Slept on my tummy as an infant; learn to duck under my school desk and given the polio vaccine in a cube of sugar in my elementary school years. Ran in back chasing the mosquito fogging truck. Learning to swim b y pushing each other into the river. Making spears out of coat hanger, thread spool and some rubber bands to shoot crawfish from the streams and roasting them on an open fire for lunch along with the mango, bananas, guava, mountain apples and plums that we gathered on the hike to the water fall pool. Rubbing mud all over to avoid mosquito bites. Swinging from the tree vine into the ice cold pool. Laughing, joking, teasing and having a hell of a good time. Only to get smacked and grounded when we got home because the school called to find out why we were absent.

But, it was all worth it as a little boomers starting out in the early 50's.....

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It brings back memories!
by: Pacific Island Lady

Born in the late 50's and a female child..I did that and probably more. I run away from school with my male cousins just to have fun. Of course suffer the consequences later on. Aside from the punishments afterward... Take care and Thank you for sharing.

by: Joe W.

Alrico, Your past sounds like it was a lot of fun. I'm wondering if that same attitude has continued with you as your growing older? Yes or No,and why not?

Joe W.

Boomers one and all
by: Ricardo

It is amazing that "boomers" all over the country share similar's like we were all from the same least shared the same experiences. I am from the midwest and certainly remember running thru "the fog" while they sprayed for mosquitoes......and my parents thought nothing of it.....and I am still among the living.....I guess when our number is up, it is up! I for one, am not going without a fight, and gonna life for today, and cherish the memories of yesterday!

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