Brain Games for Seniors: Keep your brain fit and mentally challenged!

Playing brain games, for seniors, is a great way to spend your time. I play at home, but also waiting for mom in Assisted Living, at the doctors waiting room, and anywhere I have time to spare with nothing more to do.

I do read, but sometimes that requires a quieter space, more concentration, or simply more time. Its difficult to simply shut a book -- like NOW. But with a game, you really can shut down easily and pick it up later. 

I have only been playing games for a few months now. Never quite liked games... they are for kids. Right? Not so much any more!

Challenged Brain: Happy Brain!

Keeping your brain busy, post-retirement, is a challenge in itself. However, as you know, It's so important to remain mentally strong. USE IT OR LOSE IT. Right?

If you still work online or part-time, you might not feel the need to play games. If you are challenged in other ways, wood working, house repair skills or whatever, you may not need games. 

BUT -- if  you are sitting there, without company, daily... talking to nobody, watching mindless tv, or scrolling your Facebook feed one more time -- think twice, please. 

Brain games are mental exercise that help reduce the risk of dementia  and cognitive decline. Brain exercises provide a simple way to improve your memory and problem-solving skills. 

Brain Game Play

The games I show here are games I play regularly. I have discarded many more over the months.  I seek games that challenge me. I like when games work different parts of my brain and make me think in new ways. 

I play word games, number games, 3d games, and even logic games... they all make me think in different ways and I love that!

I also enjoy the fact that I need nothing but my phone (though I most often play on my tablet as its larger). I also don't purchase them all... some I play for free, but you do need to deal with the never-ending 
"commercials" (ads for other games mostly). When I KNOW I love a game, I do buy, usually costs $4.99 or so, and the ads end. 

One warning: some of the ads presented are Ugly, and I don't mean visually. I don't know WHO would play some of these very negative games, but someone must. Unfortunately, you are attempting to help your brain and are forced into viewing negative games (unless you buy the game). Just part of internet life, I guess, just turn the game off, then go back in and it should be gone. Uggg.

Most games start very simple and you may question why Wendy would think this challenging... Hmmm, this is too easy!

As you continue to play, you will see how it gets harder and ever more strategic at new levels.  There are few instructions on most games, just play and figure it out, little by little, as you advance through them. 

Strategic play evolves over time when you get those “ahhh-ha” moments when the games starts to click into place for you. WOW, I didn't know I could do that! FUN FUN

Games can be Challenging. Try one!

Brain Games for Brain Fitness!

Number Games

Number Match

Game Number Match

You will tap two numbers: find pairs or sum of 10. Sounds easy enough!

The numbers have to be next to each other, vertical, horizontal, or even kitty corner.
If you have two 7s, with one blank square (or several blanks) in between, that works too!

Assuming those numbers you tapped were a match, they disappear. 

The + sign at the bottom gives you more numbers when you do all you can to the game... five levels and you are done. 

There is a light bulb icon next to the + at the bottom, shows hints for when you are stuck. I used them at first, and was mad at myself when I saw what I missed! Good way to learn the game! Later, I use it very little, but sometimes I simply can't find the missing match...

You keep going until the game ends, not necessarily all the tiles are gone. The game knows when you’ve won and will tell you. 

I find this Number Match Game addicting for some odd reason… love it!  Surprise! I even paid for it!



This games has you dragging your finger over multiple squares. The numbers have to be next to each other, vertical, horizontal, or even kitty corner. I love LONG drags! 

You start with a pair, then move on. For example:
2 2 4 4 4 8 16 32 32 32…
16 16 32 64 64 64 64 128…
Or simply
4 4 8

As those patterns are followed, the tiles you dragged correctly, fall away and are replaced by new tiles on the top. All the tiles move down to new spots based on what you dragged. A good drag changes the board loads.

There are a few options at the bottom where you can switch two tiles, or smash some... I've never used them so I won't comment here. But DO check them out!

I like watching the leaderboards to see how good or bad I’m doing.  I played this game enough that I paid for no ads , maybe $5.

Word Games

Wordscapes Search

game webscapes

As you would expect in any word search book, they provide the words to find and a block of letters to find the words in.

Sounds too simple, but it is fun. Actually rather relaxing too. 

Just noticed I am on level 445, so I guess I like this game too!

Word Mahjong

game word-majong

This is a block of letters and you drag the tiles to form words. No hints.

You’ve got to find words, small words to larger longer words.

As you find them, those tiles used disappear and reveal new lettered tiles underneath.


game wordly

Use the block of letters to find words… lots of words.  Like the other word games, they provide the letters.

You get no hints and instead of finding maybe ten words per game, you should find many many more! The game is timed, so get moving!

As you find words, the block of letters remains as is and the found words are shown at the top.

Another fun way to keep the brain moving!

Disclaimer: I don't do well at this game, and that's exactly why I keep trying! When the game ends, you will be shown all the words that could have been found. Heck, so many are unheard of... :) 

Word Connect

game word connect

Great word game where you simply find words within a batch of letters provided.

They provide the number of words and letters in each word and your job is to find the words. It’s fun!

Not as easy as it sounds... I must admit that I often had my husband find the last word when I was really stumped!

Word of Wonders

game w0w

This game is similar to Word Connect, except the words to be found are in a crossword format.

No hints, just letters that you will find words, in a crossword pattern format.


game wordle

To start, type out your first five letter word.  

When you hit submit:

Yellow letters mean the letter is somewhere else inside the word.

Green letters mean the letter is in the right place in the word.

As you can see above, the G and the S are where the letters belong. The yellow E belongs in the word, but not where you placed it. I don't know WHY the next few choices of words don't leave the G and S where they belong... hmmm.

You get 5-6 chances to find the word of the day. You can see the keyboard below the words you’ve tried, so you know which letters you might use next.

Challenging and fun! I often see people on Facebook revealing their wins!

More Interesting Games

Mahjong Solitaire

game mahjong

I’ve never played this game, except virtually, but again love it.

This is a very visual game. I find the tiles interesting and beautiful. They must also be studied a bit to find their matches.

Some tiles have Chinese symbols on them and often seem like pairs but are not… in time you’ll know the differences. Others have flowers, bamboo. Etc.

Tiles appear in many layers and in a variety of patterns.

All that’s required is for you to  match pairs of tiles. Sounds easy!

When you tap a pair, they do this “clack” thing and disappear, and reveal tiles on the next level beneath the tiles tapped.

Relaxing (though I will admit that I often tap fast to keep my brain moving) and beautifully done, in my opinion!

Cross Logic

game logic

This is a logic game as the name implies.

You read a short sentence: SPOT is a pomeranian.  You tap twice on spot and pomeranian, in the provided diagram— and check marks are placed there, with x in the other rows/columns because they are not true.

As you go on, the game is filled with green check marks for hints you think are true. Sometimes I have to go back, hint by hint, to see where I goofed!

Red X is placed where you click once, meaning this is not true. The game automatically adds more X (gray in color) meaning since you picked one true and one false, the rest must be false (helping you).

As with any game, they get progressively harder. Sounds too easy to do but they are challenging as you get into the game!

At some point, you’ll do Detective stories! Fun fun!

This works a different part of your brain and I enjoy it!

Tap Away

game tapaway

TapAway is an interesting game in a 3-d layout. You can move the entire layout, whether a big block or different looking structure around in any direction. 

It’s like the games with lots of wooden blocks you attempt to remove without knocking the stack down, only this is virtual.

Individual blocks move in different directions so a block with an UP arrow cannot be moved unless it’s on top and has room to fly away upward. You just look at the arrow direction and tap it if you think it will fly away... often they bounce off another layer you didn't see, and back they come. :)

You can move the entire puzzle upside down and round and round however you want it to go!

Again challenging!! My mind doesn’t work well in this game!


This is a visual logic game. If you find yourself good at this game, you might be a good detective. I am not.

I swear I stare at the images and don't see the answer until it is revealed and then "Oh Wendy!"

I thought I would love another visual and logic game… but found it s little too clever for me. For example, clicking on the tickets in someone’s hand to read them! Yikes! Seriously?

Really is another thought- provoking game that you might enjoy! Especially if you are used to virtual games, I’m not.

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