Busy and blessed

by Ronaldj
(the thumb of michigan)

I retired/was unemployed six years ago, a carpenter by trade, as well I write for the local paper and have for 25 years.

Anyway the first couple years I read a lot, took a three mile walk each day and helped each of my five children on remodel projects of their houses. plus picked up grandchildren to and from school, we have twelve.

After a couple years, I took a part time job at the local hardware, two days a week and continued to help my son and son-in-law on building projects. They are carpenters.

Now going into my sixth year retired, my old boss asked me to come back and help.. he is way behind this summer and said I could do easy things, so I am back a couple days a week.

I have been writing interviews/stories about local veterans in the paper and now they approached me to put together a book about the vets.

When I retired I was a lot worried about the money side but so far we have had lots to do as we wish. I put in a pool the year before I retired and use it everyday along with four of my grandchildren who live next door. We have fixed up our home as well over the past couple years and enjoy three large flower gardens that right now are in full bloom. We are also very involved in our local church and all i can say is we are healthy and blessed and busy.

So like the man who fell off the 30 story building, people asked how's it going? .......so far so good.

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Sharing the dream!
by: Bob indiana

Retired (forced) early six years ago. Best thing ever! Enjoying healthy life with family and friends. No financial issues as of yet. No problem finding things to do. No regrets!

Using our skills in tangible ways
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Ronald, There is something amazingly gratifying when we can use our lifetime of skills and experience to be able to be of help and use to family and others . This is a sure way to keep psychologically sound and healthy.

Thousands of retirees have skills they tend to put aside while trying to find some kind of meaning in their lives, ignoring all the experiences they have that can be contributed in some way to family or friends.

What you are doing is a prime example of using life experiences and skills to be of service in a practical and meaningful way.

Carpentry, building, or constructing something visible and useful has its own rewqrds.


by: Om Joshi, India

I want to congratulate you for your work and planning. You have done great work for your grand children, they will remember you.

I retired as a Principal of a college and anthropologist and artist by hobby. I painted and published Postcards on wildlife, American Presidents and first ladies. I also published post cards based on children paintings.

by: Lynn

What an amazing post. Your life is so full and you are accomplishing so much daily. I'm impressed!

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