Busy Means Happy!

I often foster medical small puppies, and sometimes pregnant moms... tiny dogs keeping the puppies til weaned or I have had enough of the poop (smile). Lately I have learned I like the medical ones that need therapy, etc. I like medicine and anatomy and was a PE teacher for one segment of my life, so doing physical therapy on dogs comes naturally.

But now I was on a website and a social worker was looking for a placement for 3 brothers, grades 1,3, and 6, and I thought: Why not? I have two extra bedrooms, after all. So now I am in process, and process and process, etc.

Then after all is said and done, apparently when family members learn someone outside of the family is willing to take kids, often that motivates the relatives to decide to take the kids. Human nature, for sure.

But anyway, meanwhile, I got busy and safety proofed the house, making bannister railings child proof, etc. Now I am looking on craigslist for used scooters and helmets. I am happy thinking about this.

What will they want to eat? How can I make them comfortable, etc. Of course, if they come I shall be endlessly busy. They were removed for safety visits, shall have 2 weekly visits with their mom, they have various hours of school, etc. We shall see.

Thinking big is fun.

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Busy Means Happy
by: Sherry/ NC

Busy means happy and exhausted!! Good luck!

by: Anonymous

Good Luck and enjoy

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