Cabbage Soup Diet (stop laughing!)

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet

7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet

This is the first time in my LIFE that I've tried a diet... and yes, I chose the Cabbage Soup Diet!

I am at my all-time high of 152 pounds, not bad for a tall gal, but I wanted to lose a few pounds before the holidays (even though it is unlikely anything is happening)!

A friend at work, Rich, used to do this once a year... lost ten pounds in seven days. I was always amazed at his discipline to stick with it!

I mean -- cabbage soup for seven days! :)

So COVID and 2020 hits -- and after seven months of being mostly indoors and eating to soothe my tired soul, I suddenly remembered good ole Rich and his diet. Googled it and found many sites about it, ok, so it is a real thing!

I told Terry that I was dieting on Cabbage Soup for five days (yeah, seven sounded like a bigger challenge) and he chose to do the same. This was BIG for us. Fun fun, something to focus on for a week!

Day 1: Cabbage soup tasted fantastic! Delightful. Beef stock with lots of tomatoes, carrots, onions, beans. Great day -- ate it three times and nothing else. I felt empowered. :) I didn't even eat any fruits which were allowed.

Day 2: OK, we were a little tired of cabbage soup this morning... sheesh, already! But -- we were having fun all day, joking all day about the Baked Potato we were getting for dinner! :) We did have soup for lunch and it really was good, then a baked potato for dinner... it was a good day!

Day 3: Fruits, Veggies (no bananas). Fine. Terry went and got oranges, grapes, strawberries (monster-sized), and fresh pineapple. We ate soup for lunch. My sister suggested a veggie stir fry -- and Terry had also picked up a bag of stir-fry veggies so that worked and was so good for dinner. Oddly enough, it was yummy! like veggies, but usually with meat and potatoes/rice/pasta. :)

I spent the night at Mom's and took 5 big grapes, 2 monster strawberries -- to assure I wouldn't grab the chocolate, or her cookies, while there. I will admit, it was a bit of a mental struggle, they had gone to bed, and I kept thinking -- Dark Chocolate! Nobody would know! Just one! BUT I am happy to report, one bite of that sweet strawberry and I was fine.

The odd thing -- it was sooo freakin' sweet! Like I had never tasted a strawberry before.

-- Were they particularly good strawberries (winter in Michigan?) -- or -- did my taste actually change in three days?

-- Did my lack of sugar products (oh, I love my sweets) really change my palate in only three days so it tasted as it should, much sweeter than my old loving-sugar palate thought it did?

Day 4: Bananas, Milk and Yogurt -- Terry, who never ate yogurt in 40 years of marriage, ate yogurt and liked it! :) Too funny! Yes, I had a few too, and, of course, our cabbage soup. Terry also had a banana and was surprised how much one simply banana filled him.

Day 5: Tomatoes and Meat (protein) -- we had meat and fresh sliced tomatoes for dinner. Again, so delightful!

Day 6: Meat (protein) and veggies -- oops! We ate pineapple last night. I guess I forgot, innocent error.

We had soup for lunch and I will admit - I am sooo over cabbage soup. I can't even stand smelling it! :)

Chicken and salad for dinner, and pineapple at night. The salad was so refreshing too, we both totally enjoyed it.

Day 7: Woot!

  • I am amazed that I had the discipline to make Mom lunches daily and not eat.

  • I am amazed that I had the discipline to not cheat at all.

  • I am amazed that food is more appreciated and abundantly better tasting, more than before.

  • I am amazed at how fruits taste much sweeter than they ever did.

  • I am amazed that I truly feel triumphant -- my mind won. Woot!

  • I can do whatever I want to do, sweet success!

  • Terry lost 8 pounds (he also exercises at the gym daily).
  • I lost 4 pounds, no exercise, just mental discipline.

    Fun Exercise in Mindfulness if anyone else wants to try!
    You could lose up to 10 pounds in a week, as Rich did... or less, like us, but either way, it's a great mental challenge!

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    Cabbage Soup Diet Trial
    by: Ruth in Oregon

    Going to try it, have cabbage in fridge. Thanks, need to lose 10 lbs.

    Wendy: Cabbage Soup really IS good, gets boring, but good... but this is a great study in self-discipline and detox on junk food!

    by: Leaking Ink

    Congratulations to the two of you on your weight loss!

    Love it!
    by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

    You made a decision and went with it. No second-guessing, backtracking, regrets and you reaped the benefits. Congratulations!

    Wendy: Exactly Jeanne! Not a big accomplishment, but so little we CAN do right now, and I took action. -- Big Grin Here --

    Good idea
    by: Bob

    I love cabbage soup. I went on a plant based diet due to kidney disease. And in about 6 months I lost 22 pounds, cholesterol dropped 40 points, joints felt better and my overall health improved. I love my veggies!

    cabbage soup diet
    by: Carol

    I can hardly believe that diet is still around!! My mother used it and I'm 86! Men always take the weight off more easily, not fair!

    Cabbage Soup Diet 2021
    by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

    Hey, I am doing this again, starting today!


    Terry, my husband, is joining me so it will be easier to stay with it! Soup is made and we are ready to begin at lunch!

    Just posting this for accountability -- now I've told you, I know you will be watching me! :)

    Anyone want to join us?

    2023 Cabbage Soup!
    by: Caris M / MN

    It's 2023. 50yo female. Loved reading your article. My mother did this when I was a kid. I think my grand as well. I've also done it throughout my adult life. I make this soup just to eat it. I'm a huge vegetable eater. And not big into may. I call myself 'almost' vegetarian.

    I had my first colonoscopy yesterday. All's clear in there so I decided that since I was 'empty', I was going to do this for gut health and for weight loss. I making this soup this morning to start at lunch.

    Wish me luck!

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