Can I Afford To Retire?

by Danny A
(Goose Creek, SC USA)

I am quite sure that people love the fact that their misery has a lot of company. I found some sort of weird comfort just reading the headings of people just like myself whining about something they knew was going to happen, if death don't come first.

I am in my "whining" stage presently and no one understands the amount of depression I have put myself through. I had been more afraid of failure in my profession than I have been to die.

After being an orphan at 11 I found no connection with my self centered family, that tolerated me until I was 14 and left that "merry go round" of "care" givers. I quickly developed a "Survival Instinct" by an ephiphany that I was responsible for my own welfare. I grew to realize that nobody cared for me and I was not responsible for anyone but myself.

Retirement was forced on me by my health. I found myself feeling out of control of my life and had to depend on others.

I find myself constantly trying to find a purpose for the remainder of my life since I basically care first about my own life and happiness. A lot of people in my situation find comfort in their God. Others find it in drugs or alcohol. As luck would have it I don't drink to excess or do drugs and I am not religious.

I have read about retirement depression but have nowhere found a solution.

Please write about why we should feel ourselves fortunate and stop whining about our problems. Anyone that says "It's better than being dead! is never been through the hell some of us suffer. Please! Someone! help!!!

Wendy: Danny, I do know the "hell" some people suffer through retirement. I am soo fortunate to have missed that in my own retirement transition.. and pray you find your way soon!

I'm curious what your occupation was. Could you possibly share it on a blog? Help others to learn the job through your guidance? You write well...

Have you ever heard of CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates? You sound like you've "been there and done that" and might just be able to help kids who are living the same life you did. You might not be quite ready for that yet -- until you find some source of happiness or contentment in retirement -- but its an idea!

One immediate idea is Senior Pen Pals. Sounds odd, but these folks will write to you via email and share their thoughts. It's better than folks near to you, as they have no connection to you, and might give you a completely different perspective in life. Plus a few new friends to talk about every day life might help to take the focus off you too. Just think about it. Click to read ads already there, or add yours to be approved later this week!

If you want to contact me (use contact at bottom left), to tell me more about your work history, I'd love to help you with a blog or even a website for new income.

I hope others will give you their two cents too!

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Take life in its stride!
by: Joseph Kainikkara

I believe that an absolute faith in the Almighty
(irrespective of religion or forgetting all religions) and the realization that there are things happening in your life which are beyond your control, would strengthen you.

Biological processes like aging and death are examples of two such happenings where all the science or technology or all the wealth in the world would be of no use beyond a certain point. Don't forget that life too is a journey and like any other, in this journey also "less luggage, more comfort".

While you are still able to move around and work, think of your less fortunate brethren around you and do some thing for them also. When you live for yourself alone, no one would care for you. But when you care for others there would always be some one to think of you also.

In short have spiritualism, built around humaneness and you will find inner peace - this is my experience in life.

by: Pattie

There is an old saying.. First you work and then you die. Is there life after work? You accepted the fact that you had to work to survive, now you have to learn to accept you can't work anymore.

Your computer has a wealth of info of anything and everything you need to know. There are tons of forums.. Before 08, i never paid much attention to politics and for the past 3 yrs that is pretty much all i do is talk politics in my great forum. A forum can be a strong addiction. i would crack if it weren't for my computer!!!

There are so many things you can learn to do. What is your disability?

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