Can married couple receive both separete benefits?

by Larry

I'm 62, my wife is 64. We both want to retire this year. My SS benefit will be $1273. and hers will be $1531. Are we both allowed to receive our own separate benefits?

Wendy: Absolutely... you both worked and earned a benefit for life. Even if she never worked, she would draw l/2 of yours $600ish/month doe life.

Call Social Security and schedule an appointment.. sometimes you go in, other times they can just call you at a specific time. Either way, they are ready for you, have your file open on the computer and can answer your questions -- instead of going in and waiting, sometimes for hours~! You don't even have to apply, but they can tell you the exact amounts as of a specific date, how you will be paid, etc.

1-800-772-1213 is the nationwide number for Social Security.

P.S. Before you both retire, what will you DO all day, that's where so many fall into depressions at retirement, get a plan first, got hobbies, things to do together or apart??

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