Can we talk about Email Spam?

I routinely delete my spam folder in gmail. Every time, I scan the emails that come in and feel angry and disgusted. 

This time, I choose to use my email spam to educate any retiree who may click one of these scammy emails and get big trouble. 

THIS was my Scam Folder

People are so generous online (you realize this is not true, right?)... offering me $7,000 a day, and Xmas donation!  WOW! Lucky me! (NOT)

Do you see the two that both say "Contact Western Union" but two completely different senders? Those emails are from email centers outside the USA, employees simply cut and paste these prewritten messages into emails and hit send. MILLIONS of emails trying to scam you!

The last one, the President of the International Monetary Fund is writing to me! I am so popular! :)  This is a real organization but the email is fake.

Please hit delete on these emails!

Here are a few more:

Again, they are using subject lines to get the click. If you click, perhaps, just maybe, they can fool you to click on the website, or respond to the email. 

Unclaimed payments, donations, credit offers -- these are scammy. They are not trying to help you.

BUT -- Even I was fooled! Look at the second email:  Can You Work With Me?  Perhaps its another coach, an online business that I might want to know about?  -- So I clicked!

Scammy Email:

Thank you Google -- my Gmail account automatically flags dangerous emails. Many accounts do this, and I hope your email provider helps you in this way!

Oh, right, so he has a Multi-Millionaire who died of COVID with no beneficiaries? Seriously? 

He wants ME to be Next of Kin -- to launder money for him? Uggg!

People are scammed every single day. They think they are making quick money, or helping someone as they have a big heart... they are scammers! Don't do it.

If you have a weird email, hit DELETE. DONE. 

Please Please Be Careful! 

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