Cancer? What do you mean I have Cancer???

by Soky Santos
(Tampa, FL)

Hi Wendy and all my retired friends. Some time ago I wrote to you talking about Feeling Wretched and got so much great responses from everyone here.

I took your advice and moved back to Florida and am happy enjoying my retirement amongst family and friends.

Well, last Friday I had undergone an operation for removal of a vulvar mass which turned out to be Adenocystic Carcinoma. On Tuesday my OB/GYN physician called me and gave me the news.

I am 67 years old and feel wonderful with no issues. Now this. What?? I can't hear. No. Not me.

I have not cried nor fallen into a depressive mood because of my great faith in God. As an Associate Pastor I know that nothing happens unless its His will. I am, however, struggling with this and want to be brave for my family.

They say its a rare form of cancer, this ACC and I though, of course! Its got to be rare, I'm a rare person, no run-of-the-mill cancer for me!

I am awaiting to see an Oncologist and take it from there. Would you just please nod my way once in a while in your thoughts and your prayers? I feel so confident that this Cancer will be beaten. This crisis has an expiration date and I will survive. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, too.

God is good all the time!!

I don't know what follows, as far as diets, treatment options, but I will face this with the strength that characterizes me. My family will not see me suffer. I will always smile. Thank you and God bless.

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by: Bob/Pearl River NY

Hi Soky,

Just saw this by accident. Hope you are doing better. My prayers are with you. Thinking of moving to FL myself. Going down Friday until the end of January.

Bob M (Allstate Newburgh)

by: Zenobia/ Minnesota

Your spirit and faith are going to be the best thing in your life right now. I would like to talk to you from time to time!

Been through some health scares and other "mean" diagnoses. I am the same age as you ! At least until this coming Monday!

Blessings and encouragement!


Cancer? What do you mean I have Cancer???
by: Janet

My prayers are lifted up for you. It seems that sometimes things unexpected things happen.

We never know. Now it's your time for retirement to enjoy with your family and friends. I pray for your healing. God is good! Keep holding on to your faith.

About Cancer
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear S.

So many people close to me who have had cancer tell me that in a strange way, it taught them something that changed their life for the better, and that they actually appreciate the insights and wisdom it gave them which they never would have experienced otherwise-- including a deep closeness to family.

Every case is different and unique but I hope you keep us updated on your experiences. Most of the people I have known that had cancer were very sweet people who didn't show or express their feelings.

If you are an associate pastor, you may have to play a role that doesn't include spouting off what bothers you from time to time. But this kind of emotional expression can help you.Most people prefer to write it down in a journal and Just let the fur fly.

Othes write down their hostilities and deep and forgotten resentments on paper and throw them into the burning fireplace/It gets the hidden stuff our of you and sends it to the skies. I know you know all this but this may be your turn to do it.

A person who can shred all the deep hurts onto paper can actually help heal the body.

Many many blessings to you. E

Soky, Hang in There Tightly.
by: Tom Damron. Plano, Texas

When I had my diagnosis back in 2002, my thoughts were I similar to yours. Not me! I'm invincible! But my Internest convinced me otherwise.

I was sent to Texas Oncology and my doctor was fantastic. The surgery was successful, my follow-up radiology caused Anemia but it finally corrected itself in two weeks and I had no additional problems.

My surgery had to delayed until April 2003 since I had to get aspirin, Plavix, Vitamin E and Coumadin out of my system and unfortunately, the delay had allowed the monster to spread. But they found it, fought it, and now 12 years later no traces!

God was kind to me for some reason and I feel he will be at your side as you plunge forward.

Hang tight and remember, we're with you all the way!


WOW... Thanks Tom! My friend survived cancer for 13 years... until she went into an experimental program. Soky will overcome this! Wendy

Thank you sooo much
by: Soky Santos

I feel blessed just belonging to such a great team! Thank you for your prayers; tomorrow is my First appointment with the Oncologist and I certainly will share with you the outcome.

God bless you
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

Your faith will see you through this. Stay in prayer, and continue to believe. This is an awesome thing God has allowed in your life so you can reveal HIM to all who take care of you and walk this journey with you. I will be praying for you and do keep us posted God be with you

Sending prayers...
by: Wendy


I think your faith and confidence will help you along the way, just one more path in life to endure, just like life in Puerto Rico.

Sending many prayers for healing....

Please keep us posted so all will continue to send prayers and healing energies!

Love, Wendy

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