Car Rental (at age 86 and 88)

by Wendy

This story has been retold by mom and dad several times... and every time the listener is laughing like crazy... I'm not sure I can interpret that laughter in writing but will try --

-- They got a rental car, mom says she is sitting in a hole... Terry looks but the car seat doesn't go UP higher, only closer or further from dash.. the "hole" is normal in a sportier car. :)

-- They can't believe they can't see the front end of the car. They don't know how close they are to anything. The 2014 Elantra they are renting has a very short front end AND it dips DOWN so truly the front end is not visible, even when we (taller than them) sat with our heads to the top of the car... they felt the NEED to see the edge.

-- They can't open the glove box to read manual -- I sit, push on the one corner that looks different, opens easily.

-- Chuck has a hard time getting in and out as the steering wheel is down low so he squishes his leg under it to get out, instead of moving the steering wheel appropriately for his stature.

-- They open window for some air, then they can't close and both are cold... we pull over, find the window thingee, close the window and on we go.

-- We drove home when it was getting dark.... all good. Get home, in the garage, and Chuck can't get out. He can't find the door handle, I'm in the passenger seat, stretching across him to find it, trying to show him on mine, still can't find it. Finally mom gets out of the back seat, walks around the car to open the door for him.

We were all laughing hysterically... she was ready to throw him a blanket and leave him in there :)

Neighborhood laughter... great story!

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