Caribbean Retirement Happiness: Emmett Pace

by Emmett Pace

Emmett resides in his Caribbean Paradise: Bequia. Emmett has a wonderfully happy retirement... who wouldn't in paradise? Grin! Don't take me wrong - he's not sitting around sunbathing and drinking umbrella drinks all day! Read on...

Introducing Emmett Pace from

I'm the lucky, happy guy you find talking about life and strife with local friends and visitors here on the paradise island of Bequia (pronounced Beck-wee; see, where I'm developing land and selling real estate, not just as a hobby, but to help pay the bills.

I met my wife Heather here when she was on vacation from New York City. My "retired" life sure beats the winters in West Virginia, 34 years in the steel business, and years of my own cooking.

What kinds of challenges do I tackle daily in paradise?

1. Getting the vehicle to run

2. wetting (not watering) the tropical plants

3. locating and buying the supplies the__________(fill the blank with: gardener, painter, housekeeper, contractor, etc) assured me yesterday were not needed for today's task.

4. Going to the ferry dock to see if the supplies coming from the nine mile distant mainland, which were promised on the first ferry at 9 AM, then assured to be on the 11:30 AM, which were not on the 12:30 PM or the 2 PM ferries, have made it on the 5PM or 5:30 PM boat.

5. Visiting the locations to determine whether the persons engaged to perform above tasks (who have no proper supplies) appeared and what else they need for the job . . . such as cold beer, a small loan, or a ride home.

Do my fellow retiree expats and I have a fulfilling purpose?

Of course we do. Total retirement success is having another day tomorrow as wonderful as today. . . . friends, family, no clouds, good breeze, and great sounds from the tree frogs.

Emmett Pace

Norway House

Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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Hello Cousin
by: Ellen Padgett Lee/ Lewisville, NC

Hello Emmett-

Ellen Padgett Lee here. I just "Googled" you and found your site.

Mary Ann and I think of you (and the rest of our distant family) often. Bobbie, Mother and Aunt Mary Lane would be ashamed that we have not kept in touch.

I was happy to see that you're enjoying island life and doing well.

Mary Ann has twin grandsons & a granddaughter. Buzzy has a grandson and a granddaughter. I got a late start but... 3 grandsons and 4 granddaughters with #5 on-the-way!

Know that you are thought of often and missed by your stateside cousins.

Sending Love and Prayers!

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