Chair Yoga, Retirees!

by Wendy

We all need to stay active! After watching this short video, I am amazed.

These retirees are in their 70s and 80s -- and you only need a kitchen chair!

It can't be much easier than this shows! The exercises are slow and yet powerful! Sheer Simplicity!

Yoga helps seniors with:
-- improved balance
-- strength
-- durability
-- manage pain (due to stretching)
-- releases endorphin to reduce pain

Warning, there are a few informative "commercials" and the exercises themselves start at the 4 minute point (or approximately there)... so just jump there if you care to.

Hope this helps someone out there!

Just mostly want you to see that stretching slowly can be a great exercise. It doesn't need to be really physical to help improve your health!

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by: James

Yes, I have been doing yoga evening stretching exercises at home for a number of years now. It certainly helps my body to stay supple and it has helped me get over back and joint problems. I don't go overboard doing the exercises. Mainly slow, bending movements in various postions. I certainly recommend it.

Give it a try. I originally bought an illustrated book showing which exercises to do and which part of the body they are good for.

Good luck.

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