by Liaura
(Southeast Michigan)

Hello, my husband and I retired about four years ago. We were thrilled to find each other and get married after our long-term marriages went south (death and divorce).

My married friends couldn't relate to my being single, then my single/divorced friends became jealous when I remarried. I can't tell you how heartbreaking it has been thru no fault of my own.

Now, I am trying to find ways to make new friends, but Covid is making it impossible.
I just feel so rejected and am wondering if I will ever have close friends again.

Thanks for reading.

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Try to reach out
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida

We are all longing for human contact again. I miss the hugs I would receive from family, friends, and neighbors.

I keep in touch through phone calls and emails. I have also been texting more often, something I had not done in the past.

Continue to develop your friendship with he who should be your best friend - your husband.

And, try to rekindle friendships that you lost but might still find to be important and nourishing.

Yes you will!
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

"I am trying to find ways to make new friends, but Covid is making it impossible."

"I just feel so rejected and am wondering if I will ever have close friends again."

Liaura, These thoughts are stopping you in your tracks when it comes to reaching out and connecting with people.

This community here for instance is full of new friends who would love to connect with you. No one is rejecting you. Think instead that people want to make new friends, we all do, even during COVID. We are working on a conversation group here and hope to have our next session in the coming weeks. Please join us.

by: Wee-zer

We all go thru changes throughout our lives. In my life, I have been laid off from 3 jobs. In between I had to take miserable jobs. Lucky for me I bounced from some lousy jobs to fantastic jobs.

We have deaths in our families, illness and the list goes on and on. We can only be true to ourselves and kind to others.

The Hub and I had another couple we we were friends with for probably 15 years. They had kids and we drifted apart. They didn't seem to think we fit into their lives any more. It hurts but we just have to move past it.

I had what I thought was a best friend at work. Our company shut down and she was let go before I was. I tried to get together with her for lunch but she couldn't be bothered. So we never saw each other again! Very strange indeed!

These things hurt but we have no choice but to move on and meet new people.

Best wishes...

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