by Karin

First off congratulations on your new endeavors helping Seniors. You should be proud.

Second.. wondering if any seniors have dealt with not being able to erase negative thoughts from your mind.

My mind seems to race all the time with bad decisions I have made in the past and bad things that have happened.

I stress over things I have done that might have hurt people and things that people have done to hurt me in the past. We are talking many years ago.

At night my mind won't shut off, knowing I can't change things but they are still running through my mind.

And also present-day things that happened and my mind can handle.

I am smart enough to know things can be changed but they are rumbling around taking away present day happiness. Is this just something that happens while getting older?

I hear of so many people having insomnia and wonder if this is a problem with others?

I have so many wonderful things happen to me in my lifetime but they are not giving me access to them.

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Book that has helped me
by: Cyndy

I too am a worrier and I find as I have gotten older I worry more about the past, present and sometimes the future.

A friend recommend I read
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnagie
. It was written in the 40’s and is a best seller.

So many things hit home for me and I am getting a lot out of it. Living in daily compartments and remaining present in the day to day not worrying about the past we can’t change... it so we need to find ways to let it be and move on.

You might want to check it out I am glad I did.

Same here
by: Franklin

3am my brain sector review my top 50 mistakes.
Yep, I know I can’t change the past.

I used to remind my mom that she spent way more time over the years telling me and retelling me about an event than she ever actually took up in terms of time.

I keep saying to myself " I can’t change the past but the future is up for grabs". So work on today and tomorrow. That you can change.

No one is perfect. We have all screwed up. Forgive everyone every thing. That includes forgiving yourself.

Don’t burden yourself with hate or carry a grudge.

Don't let yesterday use up today
by: Anonymous

You can't change the past. A friend gave me a card years ago. It said "don't let yesterday use up today."

Live in the present moment in the best way that you can.

Often times, things weren't as bad as we remember or didn't happen exactly as we remember. Forgive yourself. If you are religious, prayer can help.

Instead of putting energy toward negative thoughts, put it into positive things - listening to music, helping a neighbor, volunteer work, exercise, etc. Doing good deeds can help you make up for the bad.

My mind also races sometimes at bedtime. A tip I read years ago is to eat a bowl of cereal with some milk (not just milk.) It works for me every time!

My Thoughts
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

You are getting better and better every day!

You can try repeating a mantra that gets your mind thinking of the mantra, saying it over and over in your mind -- instead of rambling thoughts.

One I did years ago:

Every Day, In Every Way, I am Better and Better.

Now change the last part to "stronger and stronger" or whatever you seek.

Anxiety sucks, but you will conquer this!

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