Childless couple

by Judy

I was wondering how other childless couples will cope with the Christmas season during COVID restrictions in particular if they have siblings with children and grandchildren who they know will still have their family get-together but extended family like us will not be included.

We have always had a couple of our own traditions to get through this season but as they involved crowds we will not be able to do them this year.

I've often wondered too if being childless is still better than those unfortunate parents whose children don't come around.

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same for many of us
by: Patrick

We have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. They are spread around the world in 3 different countries.

So even having children does not guarantee family at Xmas. This Xmas there was just the two of us as we could not travel abroad due to Covid.

As we get older travel gets more difficult due to my wife's illness and so we become dependant on them coming to us. Which they do during the year but not at Xmas.

None of our siblings, those who are left, live near us and they have families of their own to visit anyway.

So we enjoyed this Xmas on our own and we expect to have the same next year.

That would be me
by: Nancy

My husband and I don't have any children. We always enjoy Christmas morning alone and opening presents, and opening stockings for our 3 pets: one dog and two cats.

We have always gone to family for Christmas dinner, but not this year of course. I'm looking forward to just us for Christmas.

There are nieces and nephews far away which we don't have Christmas with. So this year is going to be the same.

My husband's birthday is Christmas Eve. I get him a cake and presents, so we will celebrate Christmas Eve also.

by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

We never had children and that was our choice. None of my siblings had children either, but my husband's siblings have several each.

He was supposed to be with his family this year but it didn't work out. So we will be just the two of us this year.

We decided to create a photo book for our 20-year-old cat that we lost this year during Christmas week. This will take us back 20 years and allow us to reminisce and remember good times and how much joy he brought to our lives.

You might consider some small project that would bring you joy and that you can share with loved ones when the time is right.

Happy holidays.

Childless couple
by: Anonymous

For me it is a relief not to have to socialize on
Christmas. I always get the wrong presents for people, and don't enjoy watching people I love continue over drinking. Also, there will be less mess to clean up.

So for me it is all good good good.

Elna Nugent, MA.
by: Anonymous

Whether we have children or do not have children
there are always little ways in which , we can let
children know there are ways in which they are
enjoyed and helpful.


Party it up at home!
by: Michael - Venice Florida


My husband and I are childless. And, our nearest relatives are 1,200 miles away. With the pandemic, even those who have children and grandchildren won't be visiting with them.

You can still keep in touch with your family via phone calls - and if you are computer savvy - Facetime. Also, it might be the perfect time to create some new traditions for you and your husband to share.

This year, I am baking some of the different cookies that my Mom used to make that I enjoyed as a child. And, we're planning a drive at night to enjoy some of the Christmas lights throughout our area.

My husband had surgery in November, so we put up our Christmas tree early - on Halloween! Great for me, I love the Christmas lights and the comfort that they bring.

So, bring out the holiday cheer at home and party it up with your husband. Take comfort in knowing that we'll all be together again real soon.

Happy Holidays!

Kids and no visit holidays
by: Ruth Kirkpatrick

Judy, the last part is a real tough one to cope with, children who are too busy to keep in touch often cause a pain not well tolerated by any parent. Can't answer a positive about no children at all, but think folks who are in that state must have chosen different activities through life if they are now aged, but perhaps they too have twinges of loss.

So getting through this time can be a challenge, as the twinkle lights across the way may just worsen a lonely feeling. I have yet to put up a bough or tree and think I may go today and find a real pine scented bough somewhere and put a dollar Tree 20 strand light on it and a few home made ornaments. Might help, might not. I do know what YOU are talking about just want YOU to know that. It can be the loneliest time of the year and this year is worse.
Do It Ruth! $1 ornaments too... you get about six in a pack. Charlie Brown Tree! Love them! Wendy

This morning, I decided to get another parakeet, they are such easy keeping companions and not expensive. So perhaps an idea. My little Blue Lovely passed away a year ago November and he was so much company. Nothing to keep them up, so easy. Might think of that? They have very distinct personalities and react to a person they get to know. He would raise his wings the minute I came back from someplace upon opening the door, and when I got up in the morning and uncovered him he always without fail greeted me the same way. Just a thought. Here in Oregon they cost about $25-$30. and seed and a few toys and a cage. I hope you find some thought to this.

So that's my 2 Cents worth on kids and lonely holidays. I live in Oregon, you live in Canada, long ways but still we are talking about important things.

Have a best day/evening. Have to tell you this morning I was having one tough get through day. Somehow it is important to know others are sometimes also.

Ruth ( ;

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