China trip on a Groupon

by Donna
(Augusta, Mo USA)

Ok. so if you knew me you would think the China trip on a groupon would be funny enough. It was out of character for me but, I was going with a group of friends and we would be on a tour.

I loved it went to Bejing and Shanghai got to the Great Wall and Tienamin Square loved the group I was with. We all sort of bonded, the young and the old of the group. We put our tables together and ate our meals together and according to our Tour Guide this is quite unusual behavior.

It was the night before we left for the USA to return home after 10 days and I went with a couple of friends to the market across from the hotel. Another friend that didn't go texted me and asked if I would pick up some hard candy at the market for her I said of course.

However, everything was written in Chinese at the market and everyone was speaking Chinese. So, I found a picture on one of the bags that looked like lifesaver dreamsickle candy and I put them in my cart. One of my friends I was with said hey these are multicolored and I put 2 bags of those on my cart and at the cash register there was a Chinese tin and I thought they were probably Altoids and the tin would be a great souvenier.

The next morning we were leaving and the entire tour group was at the airport waiting to depart for all of our different cities people from Florida, Texas, New York and I was going back to Missouri. The Tour Guide was there helping all of us it was fantastic. I looked over and all of us were seated together waiting for our flights to depart so.

I remembered the candy I bought and opened the multi colored bags. My other friend was enjoying her lifesaver dream sickle candy. I asked if anyone wanted candy and all were interested so I opened the bags and shared with each of my fellow tourists.

I was standing giving out the candy when all at one time, they spit the candy out and yelled this is disgustin,g have you tried it ? I hadn't because I was busy giving it out. They accused me of trying to poison them in a humerous way that is.

I was taking it back when the Tour Guide came over and I gave the bag to him and he said great he would have it for lunch. I was perplexed he told me they were actually boulion cubes. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry but, all of us got quite a hearty laugh out of it.

Oh yeah when I got home I found out that the pretty Chinese Altoids were cough drops as well.

I will never forget China!!

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Thanks for sharing
by: Donna Augusta, Mo

It was great 👍 to read all of your stories about China. It really was an experience. Has anyone been to Italy or any other country?

into Communist China
by: Anonymous

In 1984 we went with a group of 16 into communist China. Two guides, my husband and a Chinese girl spoke Chinese. the guide knew how to dump the Chinese guides and we even rode bicycles in the country. The group bonded and held yearly reunions for many years. With my husband now 103 we still do messaging with one of the older group and two of the younger group.

China groupon revisited
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments and contributions. I am happy to hear that I am not the only naive tourist. I have enjoyed your stories as well

Your China Trip
by: Gwen/Florida

This is too funny! I've been to China twice (my son taught English there) and I loved it too. Who doesn't love plain tofu for dessert?????

China trip
by: Roz/NY

Thanks for your post. I'm happy you enjoyed your trip. China is on my list and I'll be sure to ask my guide to interpret what food items I'm buying.

Amazing China
by: Nina, London


Like yourself I went to China with a group. My daughter picked out the travel group so it would have a mixture of young and old (since she was 28 year old). Such a fascinating country with lots of historical plus beautiful scenery.

My funny story has to do with being in Leshan and buying what I thought were kebabs (meat ones) and to my surprise when I bit into it...found out it was fried fat like a cube on a kebab stick.

After this I asked what it was before I bought it. Part of the fun of traveling!

Best Wishes, Nina

like memories
by: Betty Audet

It was back about 1985 that we took a trip to china with a small group of sixteen with 4 who could speak and read Chinese. The group bonded so that I am still in touch with three while several more have died. It was the days of Mau and we did have to be careful but even got to ride bicycles in the country.

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