Chirpy the Retiree

by Julie Grenness

I woke up, thanks to the universe!

I adorn myself with lucky undies, and look forward to a top day. I have retired totally, and can call myself “Chirpy the Retiree!” So far, so good, my family and friends are doing okay. We all hope to be dodging those germ emojis floating around in society, as well as any life-threatening health condition along the way.

On with the show! It is a lovely morning, listening to birdsong in a flower garden. I plan to demolish some weeds, give them a blast. Then I can scribble some more epic literature, and make some more handcrafts as donations. Hands are for charity.

But first I must meditate on breathing, to accentuate all the positives. This is a daily essential. Today, there are no biggies, no issues. Breathing is vital for all of us retirees. I am into Code Calm, there is no need to look for problems. I have a brain of ideas for my senior projects, and a pile of books by a favourite funny author.

Laughter is good for the immune system! Like my friends in our retirement years, there are not enough hours in the day!

Never mind, the sun will rise anyway. The statistics show that ten from ten of us all shall wind up in the back of black limousine. So seize each day, enjoy retirement and let the future take care of itself.

Having said all that, it is time to prepare my healthy nutritious plant-based meals. I look at my cooking efforts, thinking, “This just ain’t profiteroles!” (cream puff) I must not take this personally. More never mind. If we all enjoy profiteroles, we retirees can end up fatter than the Hindenburg ,and morbidly obese. That is not good in our retirement years. On the flip side, most of my doctors have passed over of health and wellbeing. Bit of a puzzle, that is what being old means.

These are our golden days, I hope all the retirees are doing okay.

I can say that I wake up as “Chirpy the Retiree”, with bells on. It surely does work for me.

I hope we can all put on our glad pants in our retirement, so we can keep on keeping on.

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Appreciation note
by: Ruth

Thank you for that soul healing and comforting message.

The fact is working is a bit tiresome you can wake up one day and feel like not going to work, you don't want to leave your bed, your house and you really feel you should rest. So if we get such a time, (retirement time), we should really be happy.

This is the time we work when we feel like, the time of resting, the time of so many things we couldn't do.

It's better for retirees to plan or set our homes in places which fit our interests.

Retired and Loving It!
by: Irwin/Florida

Just loved your post. My wife and I retired in 1996 and look forward to everyday rain or shine with a smile on our face, a twinkle in our eye, and hope in our hearts.

We to believe that smiling and looking for the good in whatever we find facing us every day is the only way to start our day.

Why? Because we also know that there are others who weren't given that opportunity as none of us know when our time will be up.

So, wake up and put your big boy or girl pants on and smile and make the best of it!

Thanks for sharing.

Chirpy the Retiree
by: Jeff/Toledo, Ohio

May your day be filled with happiness and may your positive thoughts be shared with all. Thanks for the happiness shared.

Chirpy the Retiree
by: Janet/ Boston, MA

Thank you so much for your comments on your retirement. Just reading your words I could feel your happiness and you enjoying your activities being retired. You seem to have a lot of interest and a lot to keep you involved.

I wish you all the best in your retirement. Thanks for sharing. Continue with that phrase "Chirpy the Retiree."

Nice Attitude
by: John A / Tyler, TX

You have a nice attitude and seem to be playing the poker hand dealt to you in life.

Some will moan and groan, while others are cheerful with the hand dealt to them in retirement life. Whether we moan or groan, the birds will still sing, the sun will rise and set and the moon will show is face every 28 days.

It’s good to see you value the cheerful side of life in retirement. With that attitude you should live a long happy life smelling the flowers while listening to the birds sing.

Continue to sit back and enjoy life!!

retirement is great
by: Ned St Paul MN

sounds like you have a great attitude on life.
once we hit retirement, we no longer have to worry about the day of the week, or what we get or not get done in any particular day, and it time to enjoy what time we have left!

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