Christian Death and Prayer

by Wendy,

Recently, we attended a Catholic funeral service for a woman who died in her sleep... the priest said something like:

"Most of you think its normal to go to bed every night and wake up every morning.


You go to bed because God allows it.

You wake in the morning because God allows it.

When your feet hit the ground in the morning, PRAY."

Eye Opener... we don't all wake up, Mary Ann didn't.

Just putting the thought out there....

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Linda is packed and ready to go!
by: Ken San Diego


I have to use your comment when people ask me "how are you doing?"

The problem is... I'm not packed, and not YET ready to go... but at age 66 I can go at any time ! I'm like a time bomb, can go off any time!!!! LOL

I'm trying to make sure to plan trips etc in the future, so I have something to look forward to. Sitting at home watching TV or on computer, or household 'bores" (not chores) don't motivate me!

I even purchased one of those robotic vacuum cleaners.. now, that, I like! I just push a button, and off IT goes, and it never argues with me when I say "you missed a spot!" lol

Have a great week... OMG Presidential Switch coming up soon! Stay tuned!

by: James

Death comes to all those who wait.

The Continuous Journey
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

---IT TOOK ME many years and some shocking experiences to show me that "Life is a Continuous Journey whether we want it to be or not". Trust the fact that the Universal Consciousness, God takes care of us in a way we cannot dream.

We can trust the prophets and teachers like Moses, Jesus, Buddha and others to usher us into trusting and having faith that we are here for a purpose. And it is a wondrous thing that we are allowed this term on earth to learn life giving lessons of great importance.
And we can thank the tough times for teaching us the most.

Many Blessings.

We Should Not Fear Death
by: Linda/Nevada

Death should not be feared.

It is the beginning of a new chapter.

I see death as a road trip although it is a one-way trip. We can choose to prepare for it just as we would for any other road trip.

We will all die. It is just a matter of when, where, and how.

Death does not discriminate.

I, personally, am packed and ready to go.

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