Christmas Memories

by Ricardo

.....don't know exactly, guess it was about, what, sixty years ago? I was a fan of any and every cowboy of the day, from The Cisco Kid, to Gene Autry.

I could not wait to catch their programs on television, it was still kind of in its infancy, with not many channels to choose from. What was on I would take in ravenously...many of them had western themes....especially on Sunday mornings here in the after the other.....I was in heaven, and glued to the very small screen, maybe ten inches!

Well, I guess one of my all time favorites was William Boyd aka Hopalong Cassidy. It was getting close to the holidays back in the early 50's and I had sent away, I guess with box tops {I really do not recall}, a place setting with my heros picture on all the pieces.

It came in the mail some time later....."mom, I got mail, I got mail, it's a package for me!" I opened it, and sure enough, there was "Hoppy", my hero staring back at me on a bowel, a plate, and my very own mug....I was in heaven!

I never forgot that Christmas, for my "place setting" arrived just before Christmas, and I ate off of it for EVERY hero was right there with me.

It did not matter what mom put in front of me to eat, I had "Hoppy, and all was right with the was a small world then, a simple time....we all "liked Ike", and I didn't even know who he was!

It was a Christmas that I, now a "senior citizen", look back on with great joy.....oh to capture those feelings again! Happy holidays "HOPPY!"

Thanks for the wonderful memories, you live on in my heart and memory!

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Wonderful Memories
by: Ashfaq Gulzar

It is really wonderful to recall and live with the past life, the life that lives in our memories, which we call them as simple time.

I do not know that are the exact situation in West, but in East when you find substantial difference, you certainly call it the old time was simple.

In East culture is changing tremendously and West is influencing the life pattern and style.

Now I has been of 64 and in a age of twin kids grand father, I recall my old memories like of you Christmas and enjoy, the time perhaps shall not be back.

The life is like one way road, perhaps no body shall be back.

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