by The Good Witch
(The Villages, FL)

Wendy has been a lifesaver creating this wonderful place to belong!

I have corresponded with so many nice people and plan to continue being active on this site. The retirement transition has been a difficult 5 year journey which continues to lead me toward an unknown future, but I know that there are millions of seniors just like me; I feel peace knowing I am not alone.

Thank you Wendy!


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looking for penpals that their parents or Grandparents are homechildren
by: Sandy Newton

I have a "British Connection". Through the family
tree I have discovered my Grandmother was born in
Her name is believed to be Bertha Gertrude Mills.
Born in Bradford,Yorkshire,England.
Anyone out there care to correspond concerning

Wendy Sandy -- please join the Retirement Community if you'd like to write to others. I cannot publish your addresses here, sorry!

Thank you for studying japanese
by: Sachiko Tannen

To: Mr. Brent Carver

Nice to hear that young people are interested in Japan and studying Japanese language.

I would like to know weather there is any organization in Japan to help foreign Japanese language students.

Personally,as I am a native and willing to help such students, if any organization that has purpose to help such foreign students, I would like to join. I am a retired senior, and have a lot of time which I would like to utilize for meaningful cause.

Yours sincerely,
Sachiko Tannen

penpal wish
by: Cindy, Australia

I agree with you about penpals. They can ease the loneliness of retired seniors. But so many people do not want to write to you when they learn your age.

I have had many people contact me wanting to be my penpal, but when I tell them my age I no longer hear from them. It is as if we are not worthy of writing to because we are old.

I am happy to write to any age and do not discriminate because you might be older than I am. Even though I am old I do still have a brain and am capable of typing a sensible letter. Nothing brightens your day than finding a snail mail letter in your mail box or opening your inbox to find someone cared enough to write to you.

Good luck to all.

WENDY Join the Retirement Community and you'll find plenty of pals who are also retired!

by: Anonymous

Hi Sachiko,

I am not in Tokyo, but I have a few single penpals in the Tokyo area and in Chiba. I am studying Japanese and these people I met through language exchange programs. Sometime we Skype.

I think there are many lonely single older people in Japan based on my experience over the past year. It would be a great thing to have Senior Group there. Many of these people feel isolated and a bit depressed (same as here in the United States)
I can help spread the word to this site and your wish to start a group.

In the mean time, please feel free to contact me, either through this site or Maybe we can write or chat from time to time. I will be traveling to Tokyo next spring so maybe will see you then!

Take care.
Brent Carver

Season to be Thankful
by: Marilyn/USA

I'm in the Midwest and we have already had an Artic Blast and Wintet is not here yet. A little bit of snow here but is was the freezing rain that caused cars to slide of the road . Well I was home and Thankful for that.

Actually, in this "Season of my Life". I can tell you my Priorities have changed. I am no longer worried about the weather. Because that will change. I am no longer worried over things I can not change. I am so Thankful everyday that we can choose how we react. Having a Positive Attitude in life will help you go a lot further than a negative on ...and it's healthy.
But the Big Key is realizing that we all need some help.

At this time of year I am so Thankful for the Baby Boy born in a manger. God loved us so much he sent His Son to Save us. Everyone goes through things but the fact is God's Grace will get you through. I can't help loving the song "Mary Did you know". The words are so meaningful. Mary did you know the Baby Boy that you delivered will one day Deliver You! Wow Yes we have a lot to be Thankful for. Helping someone else will put the Focus away from ourselves. Yes, I am

Thankful we have a Good God who Loves is and. He said "He will never leave us or Forsake us". Wow..that is powerful because no matter what we are not truly alone. All we need to do is accept Jesus in our heart, ask to be forgiven for our sins and by God's Grace he will walk through life with us and we will Win. Yes I say Thank God for your Love your Protection everyday.

Tokyo Single Senior Club proposal
by: Sachiko Tannen

I am very thankful to Wendy providing us space and chance to express our ideas and views, also to seek penpals and frieds.

I am a widow living in a big city Tokyo. Especially in holiday season I feel very lonesome being alone. I thought if those single seninors living in Tokyo form Single Senior Club or something like that and have chance to meet and encourage each other might be nice.

Dear Single Seniors in Tokyo, shall we form SSC(single senior club) in Tokyo? Please write to Wendy's Retirement online.

Kudos To Our Wendy
by: ricardo

I would like to add my sentiments to the many that are exposed to this wonderful web site that "our Wendy" created some years ago, much appreciation goes out to her!

The impact that this site has had on so many is, and will continue to be invaluable to those that often feel as though they have to "go it alone", OR, that no one understands their what they are going through, OR how they are feeling.

Just to be able to share these feelings with others is in fact healing and rewarding, NOT only for themselves, but for those that they reach out to.

With that said, I say "kudos" to our leader, thank you and good cheer for the holiday season! Keep on keeping on Wendy....God Bless!

Wendy: Thank You Ricardo! Bless you!

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