Christmas Spirit: Elizabeth - Spokane, WA

by Elizabeth Herrin
(Spokane, WA)

Christmas Tree

Artificial tree for only last 3 years (I live in an apartment now). A few years ago, a friend of mine bought me the biggest tree I have ever had - 10 feet tall and wide, too. (I had tall ceilings in my living room then).

I traditionally put up my tree after Dec. 12th (my daughter's birthday).

I love ornaments, so many homemade creations made by my son and daughter. Okay, here is one. Imagine a doggie treat shaped like a bone. On one end are glued tiny eyes, a tiny, green, bow ribbon and brown felt moose antlers attached to the sides. A red pipe cleaner hanger glued behind the head. Oh, and the bright red pom-pom nose glued to the other end. Very cute!

My tree has attached green, red and white lights. I bought this $79 tree after Christmas one year and paid only $7.50!!!

I have a very small silver star on top of my tree. I looked for at least a week for one that wouldn't fall off. My tree is a table top size now.

Christmas Gifts

I start shopping for Christmas in January and all year long. I am a bargain shopper.

I open Christmas gifts at daughter's house with family - 3 young grandsons are there, my son, my daughter's ex (so far)and often someone who has nowhere else to go.

I love to wrap gifts and now I am using gift bags, too. Lots of wrapping!

I used to mail 20 to 30 Christmas cards. Now I send e-cards most of the time.

Christmas Day, Christmas Eve...
On Christmas Eve, I sing in the choir at church. I feel so uplifted and feel like I am sending out to the world blessings of peace, light, joy and especially love. On Christmas Day, I hurry over to spend the day with my family. We have a special breakfast together.

Santa - I have a photo of me when I was 5 yrs old, sitting on Santa's lap. The pure joy in my eyes gets me in touch with the child within me still. I believe in the Spirit of Santa - the jolly, happy elf who wants to give presents to make others happy.

I love Christmas because most people are more in touch with their feelings of love. The songs my choir sings, the Christmas songs on the radio, Christmas videos, the general spirit of goodwill towards all. Religious/spiritual people remember the birth of the Christ and the birth of the Christ in their own hearts again. A time of renewal.

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