by Ricardo

Well, as we all know the magical holiday of Christmas is just two short weeks away.

Since I have retired some four years ago, the holidays all seem to run together. At times I even forget what day of the week it is, OR, the date.Now, I have all the time in the world, to do everything that I could not do while I was working,OR, do absolutely nothing.

I find that Christmas in particular does not seem to be as exciting for me as it once was....growing up as a child, then having my own children, and now older grandchildren. Perhaps I need to "rent" some little ones to help bolster my Christmas spirits.

I can recall many years ago as a young family we always made a day out of searching out that perfect tree and then cutting it down, followed by a steaming cup of hot chocolate to warm us up. I always said that we would always "cut our own."

Well we went from that to choosing a live tree from the lot down the street. Then the last several years, just a few small artificial trees with lights already on them. It's not the same.....but MUCH easier.

I find that as I age things that were SO important now take on a different glow.

I kind of miss those big old balsams with needles every where and the fragrance of them filling the air! Gifts stacked under the boughs with tinsel, ornaments, lights, and the star at the very tip....YES a fully dressed tree is a feast for the eyes, a sheer delight!

Then, all the relatives that you have not seen for sometime, mixed in with some friends and neighbors from up the street, AND of course ALL those aromas coming from the kitchen that are so familiar especially at Christmas.....those "special" recipes that are brought out once a year by aunt Mary, or Mom, or Grandma....oh the memories, how they come flooding back of Christmas and the Christ Child.

Merry Christmas and the wealth of memories that we all share in our own way this holiday season remain with you and bring warmth and good cheer to your soul!

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