Close to Retirement...

by Rob

Hello - I am closing in on my retirement within the next twelve months, so I am looking to start preparing, and meeting some friends to share some time together.

Well, I am 57 years of age and I never have been good at talking about myself but I am willing to try.

At this time in life I am planning for retirement thus I am here for that and to meet some friends etc.
Perhaps it might be fitting to share some of my likes with you at this time: sunrises - especially great if over a body of water, really like all types of marine life, like to go to the zoo, and with retirement I find myself planning to volunteer my time in a humane society environment.

To close this segement I express my interest and willingness to get to know new found friends within the retirement-online circle of its members.


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by: Goldie

Welcome Rob!

by: Loyce!

Good for you in planning to volunteer to help needy pets for you will meet other caring/kind peeps and the care you extend to our wonderful pets will come back to you as wonderful karma. You are on your way to transitioning in a positive/upbeat and caring manner. Go.

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by: Wendy


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